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2018 Events

Chinese New Year Celebration

The 2018 Chinese New Year Celebration was organized successfully! 

The Chinese New Year concert started with Principal’s speech which reminded students to be grateful for the peaceful and prosperous life now in Singapore and to treasure the time with family members and appreciate what we have. 

Students then went on to watch the Chinese New Year well wishes video in which Vice Principals and teachers wish each and every one a joyous New Year celebration. Students also watched in awe as our Chinese Dance members performed. 

Parents and teachers were invited to come together to do a calligraphy of “大地回春”. Students enjoyed the beautiful calligraphy work done by teachers and parents. 

We then gave out the Best Decorated Classroom award for each level. Students felt proud of their own effort and everyone cheered for each other when the class won the Best Decorated Classroom award for Chinese New Year. 

We ended with a bang with the Lion Dance performance. This was the finale which livened up the entire atmosphere! 

Yio Chu Kang Primary School wishes each and every one a prosperous and Happy Chinese New Year!

teacher and parent calligraphy during cny concertteacher and parent displaying calligraphy writing
Teachers and Parents formed teams to participate in the calligraphy contest.

lion dance entering the hallwaylion dance performance on the stage
special dog mascot giving high-five to the childrenschool leaders receiving well wishes from lion dance troupe on stage
School leaders receiving the well wishes form lion dance troupe and the dog mascot.

This year for the Chinese New Year Classroom Decoration, each classroom was decorated based on the theme: Chinese New Year Customs and Traditions. Through this competition, we hope that our students gain more knowledge about the Chinese culture and the traditions and practices, through the fun and bonding process of decorating the classroom.

classroom decoration display 1classroom decoration display 2
classroom decoration display 3classroom decoration display 4
Our students used their creative juices and put up many interesting decorations in their classrooms.

Lab On Wheels

On 18th and 19th January 2018, our P4 and P5 students went on board a tech bus titled 'Lab On Wheels' to experience a programming workshop entitled 'Robot Rattle'.

Students learnt programming concepts and logic to activate an online robot. The online robot was able to complete various tasks, including pushing a ball, picking up a box and loading the boxes onto a container. 

The workshop allowed the students to develop logical thinking and problem solving skills by breaking down problems into bite-sizes. Students also worked in pairs and learned through peer-learning. 

teacher and students engaged on tech busstudents engaged on tech bus, enjoying the lesson
Students were very engaged and had a fun and meaningful experience on board the technology bus.

Off the bus, students also tried a guided educational application on an iPad: SWIFT Playground
trainer and students in classroomstudents applying concept taught using swift playground app
Trainer demonstrating the importance of specific instructions in programming Students applying concepts taught