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CL Key Programmes / Activities

Key Programmes in 2018

Look forward to these exciting and interesting activities happening throughout the year~

  • Chinese New Year Celebration
  • Chinese Language Fortnight Activities
  • 2018 Shanghai Immersion Trip
  • New Online Reading Platform (JoyReader)
  • Chinese Language Workshops for P3 to P5
  • Cultural Performance Education Scheme (Watching cultural performance in a theatre setting)
  • Chinese Language Cultural Camp for P4 Chinese Language Students
  • In-house Digital Learning Trail

For now, please scroll down the page to look at what our pupils experienced last 2 years.

Digital Book Trail《名著故事之旅》


The Chinese Language department created a Chinese Language Book Trail based on 3 great Chinese Masterpieces.  Teachers shared with students on few segments of the stories in Pilgrimage to the West; Journey to the West, The Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Heroes of the Marshes; Water Margins respectively. Students then went on a book trail to learn more about the characters and content of the book.


Four Learning Stations for the Book Trail

Students scanning QR code to select the correct character

学生都忙着学习, 理解故事内容
Students are enjoying their learning 
and busy answering the questions!

Values Express Programme (LEGO Express)

Students also make use of the Values Express Programme to express their thoughts on different values and how they can better show these values.

Term 1
Lim Wan Xuan (3 Progressive)

Helping friends when they are falling down.

Oscar Ng Yang Han (5 Respect)

Oscar as a monitor displaying the value of responsibility.
Before the teacher comes, he took care of the class discipline.

Term 2

Tin Full (2 Care)

I do not look at other people answers.
Ng Hong Xun (5 Care)

The people are paying respect to Mr.Lee Kuan Yew during his funeral.
Term 3

Hue Jia De (1 Respect)

The person in Red cap used to bully other people, but now he improves and becomes very helpful to others.

Niau Mee Jie (5 Respect)

A group of people from different ethnicity groups are living in harmony. They co-operate to build a car model together.

Cultural Performance Education Programme

The Cultural Performance Education Programme is a platform where our students get to watch cultural performances outside of school to learn more about Chinese Language and its culture.

Students’ seated and ready to watch the cultural performance.Students moving together with the cast.

Immersion Programme 2017 to Shanghai No.1 Primary School

24 students and 5 teachers went on 2017 Shanghai Immersion Trip. They went to Shanghai No.1 Primary School for a school exchange and also visit places of interest to learn new knowledge as well as Chinese Culture.

Group photo with students, parents, teachers and School leaders at the airport before taking off.

Lessons and activities at Shanghai No.1 Primary School

Visit to the various places of interest

Taking the Maglev Train for the first time.

Immersion Programme to Shanghai No.1 Primary School                     (29 May 2016 – 3 June 2016)

A total of 24 students from Primary 4 & 5 joined 2016 Immersion trip to Shanghai. Students’ learnt more about Chinese Language, Culture and Arts. They also developed global awareness and cross-cultural skills from this trip. Students were given the chance to interact and learn from their China counterparts in Shanghai No.1 Primary School.

Group photo at Shanghai No.1 Primary School

Teachers and students having Music lesson.
Learning about rhythm.
Exploring the universe at Nature lesson.

Our first try at Panda drawing
with a brush!
PE lesson in a different way.
Let's work together and pass the blocks!

Want to try our cookie plant?
It's definitely edible and very delicious!

Chinese Language Fortnight 2016

The theme and focus for this year’s Chinese Language Fortnight is “Filial Piety”. Our students were given the chance to get in touch with the most valued value in the Chinese Culture. Students were able to learn more about the meaning of filial and how to be filial towards their parents through the different booth activities during their recesses. Primary 3 to Primary 5 Chinese Language students also attended workshops to learn more about composition writing and oracy.

P3 & P4 Chinese Language students learning about Chinese Composition Writing.
Students enjoying themselves at the various booth activities during recess.

Students posing at the photo booth.

Primary 5 Workshop by Chinese Language Master Teacher

Master teacher Ms Shen was invited to conduct a workshop for our Primary 5 students. The workshop focused on the new 2017 PSLE format oral component. Chinese Language Master teacher will be sharing methods and steps on how to do well for oral and how to make students’ thinking visible.