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Key Programmes / Activities

Learning For Life Programme (LLP):

Developing Skills & Values Through T.E.A.M. Sports@YCK

  • Team building, social interaction and integration through collaborative learning.
  • Engagement of students in adopting a healthy lifestyle and mindset.
  • Anchoring students in key school values for life-long learning and development through team sports.
  • Mastery of skills for personal development and sports excellence.

YCK Olympic Carnival

Objective – To understand the Olympic Values and relate them to everyday life



Post Exam Inter-Class Games



Level Camps (P4 and P5)

Objectives – To inculcate values through Outdoor Education


Working in teams to achieve their common goal.

Always ready to lend a helping hand.


Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)

CCA Framework







Objectives and goals

The school’s Talent Identification Programme (T.I.P.) for Football drives learning in all curricular and co-curricular domains to achieve the school’s mission of “nurturing creative and self-directed learners who are gracious and keen to serve”. The school’s T.I.P. is aligned to the school’s vision of “Empowering Mind, Engaging Heart, Extending Hands”, as it aims to achieve holistic student development that leverages on social, moral, physical, cognitive and leadership experiences.


PE, Art and Music (PAM)

Physical Education