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Key Programmes / Activities

Assembly Programme - Nanogirl Science Show

Dr Michelle Dickinson is a passionate researcher and teacher with a love for Science and Engineering. A senior lecturer in Engineering at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, Dr Dickinson brought her Nanogirl Science Show specially to the Singapore Science Festival 2017 and Yio Chu Kang Primary School!

The students were treated to a series of exciting Science activities of shooting an airzooka, crushing tin cans and burning soap bubbles during the show. Dr Dickinson showed us that Science happens everywhere and for everyone, and does not have to be limited to only the Science classroom in school. She also showed the students how they can be superheroes with superpowers simply by using the Science around them. 

Science Busking 

Science Busking is an effective way of communicating Science through live demonstrations. Students can engage their schoolmates in a live and interactive way, and it provides a rewarding experience for both the buskers and audience.

See our buskers in action in the Sciencesation Hub of YCKPS!

Science Investigation

This programme allows students to carry out investigation in an authentic setting. This hands-on investigation is carried out every term by all levels from Primary 3 to Primary 6. The investigation is also an extension and application of the topic which students learn in the particular term.

YCKPS young scientists collecting data during their investigations

Experiential Learning

P4 Learning Journey to Gardens by the Bay

Our Primary 4 students experienced a hands-on, outdoor learning journey at the Gardens by the Bay, and learnt important processes that plants undergo as part of their life cycle.

       Students examined plant specimens with
different methods of seed dispersal under the
guidance of the programme facilitators.

       Students also had the opportunity to explore the various fauna and flora on display in the Flower Dome.

P3 Learning Journey to Singapore Zoological Gardens

Primary 3 students embarked on a learning journey to Singapore Zoological Garden to learn more about the world of animals and explore the biodiversity of Earth. Students also enriched their authentic voyage by learning how animals are grouped according to their similarities and differences.