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Our Science Department aims to inculcate the spirit of scientific inquiry in our pupils. The school curriculum and programmes seeks to help pupils acquire (a) Knowledge, Understanding and Application, (b) Skills and Processes and (c) Ethics and Attitudes so as to view Science as meaningful and applicable in their daily life.

In the classrooms, pupils do activities to conceptualise knowledge. The activities are built on inquiry and imagination. Pupils are provided with opportunities to use concepts and integrate skills and processes to inquire things and phenomena around them.


Mr Louis Loo (Head Of Department / Science)
 Mrs Yean Sok Kheng (Senior Teacher / Science)
Mr Peter Goh (Year Head / Upper Primary)
Mr Abdul Rahman (Assistant Year Head / Middle Primary)
 Mr Alan Wong
Mrs Geraldine Lim
Mrs Melissa Tan
Mdm Nadine Teo
Mrs Ang-Oi Poh Ling
Ms Tan Lay Eng
 Mdm Nurazimah (Alllied Educator - Teaching and Learning)