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Student Leadership

Every YCKP-ian, a leader

Our Approach

In line with Yio Chu Kang Primary’s Mission statement of nurturing confident and self-directed learners who are keen to serve, the student leadership team has put in place programmes that are aimed to develop and nurture the leader in every pupil in our school.

Key Beliefs guiding student leadership development in YCKPS  
Every student can be developed as a leader.
Every student should be developed as a leader.
Student Leadership Development needs to be intentional.

Student Leadership Framework (I-STEER ©)
The student leadership framework is guided by six main pillars, namely 
Student LS1.png
    •         I-  Identification
    • S- Selection
    • T- Training
    • E- Empowering
    • E- Evaluating
    • R- Recognizing

Through this framework, the student leadership team develops a structured and progressive programme in YCKPS. 

Student Leaders are categorised based on 3 tiers. These tiers help in the formulation of customised programmes and training suited for each of these segments of student leaders. 

Student Ls2.png

In order to achieve the aims, student leaders will be;

Specific objectives


Supporting Programme

1) Student Leaders to be equipped with leadership skills and school values

  • Student leaders mass and individual training sessions.
  • On the job briefings by Teacher Mentors
  • Handbook for Prefects and Class Monitors on roles and responsibilities
  • Training Sessions for Prefects based on leadership modules

2) Provided with the opportunity to be active contributors to the school and community

  • School events, Learning Journeys, Social Change Outreach Programme (SOCH)and Community outreach activities

Tier 1 : Class Leaders Training 

Students are selected based on a rigorous nomination process. Each role is subject specific and teacher mentors are assigned to guide the respective student leaders to carry out their roles and responsibilities as effectively as possible. 

Aesthetics Monitors
PE Monitors 
Cyberwellness Warriors
Reading Activists

Tier 2 and 3 : Prefects Training Sessions

Students who show further leadership potential are interviewed by the student leadership team teachers as well as our school leaders. They are then placed as trainee prefects on a probation of 6 months, before they are confirmed as prefects. Prefects who show keen interest in their roles are given the opportunity to assume EXCO roles within the prefectural board, after campaigning and an interview conducted by the school leaders


Prefects honing their presentation and communication skills