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Developing self-directed scientific inquirers and reflective thinkers

YCKPS Science Department aims to develop self-directed students who are scientific inquirers and reflective thinkers. To achieve this, we focus on the ICES approach, which is the acronym for Inquiry, Communication, Experiential and Self-directedness.

Some of our key programmes under the ICES approach are as follow:


All our Primary 3 to Primary 6 students participate in Science investigative activities where they will learn to inquire and apply their scientific knowledge, skills and attitudes in authentic settings. To further hone their investigative skills, selected students will conduct scientific investigation projects and present their findings at the annual Elementz Science Project Competition and Exhibition and the biennial Singapore Youth Science Fair.


Our teachers have designed a series of Science Booklets for each topic in the Primary Science syllabus. In the Science Booklets, there are various activities for students to communicate and learn about Science. We also have the Science Key Words Programme where key words are used in the teaching and learning of Science to build up students’ scientific communication. Additionally, selected students get to participate in the Science Buskers Festival held yearly where they presented Science concepts in fun and engaging ways.


Learning journeys are planned for each level from Primary 3 to Primary 6 to complement the students’ learning in class. Students get to experience the real-life applications of the Science concepts they learnt. Students also get to learn more about environmental sustainability as part of the school’s signature Applied Learning Programme.


To build students’ self-directedness and curiosity in Science, we have the Science Reading Programme where students can pick up and read the Science magazines purchased for each class at their own free time to extend their learning about Science.