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Physical Education

Developing active and healthy living lifestyle.
The PE Department aims to develop students’ overall development by providing opportunities in various sports and physical activities. We strive to develop a foundation for an active and healthy living lifestyle amongst our students.

Key focus of your programme:

  • Developing skills and values through T.E.A.M. Sports@YCK
    • Team building, social interaction and integration through collaborative learning
    • Engagement of students in adopting a healthy lifestyle and mindset.
    • Anchoring students in key school values for life-long learning and development through team sports.
    • Mastery of skills for personal development and sports excellence.
  • Olympic Carnival
    • Providing opportunities to learn, understand and display the Olympic Values and relate them to everyday life.
  • Level Camps (P4 and P5)
    • To inculcate the school values through Outdoor Education
  • Interclass Games
    • Platforms to display PE skills and knowledge and collaborate effectively with peers.