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Mother Tongue Languages

Learning the Language, Living the Culture

Key Focus

The Mother Tongue Languages Department focuses on nurturing our students’ love for the Mother Tongue Languages and developing them into effective communicators and users of the language. This continues to be the long term belief of the department. The Mother Tongue Languages department focuses on providing platforms for our students to develop their competencies in listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and we provide various programmes and learning activities for students to enjoy learning the Language and to understand the Culture.

Signature Programmes

    • Mother Tongue Language Fortnight
This is a two-week programme that is carried out during as well as outside of curriculum time. The fortnight activities aim to encourage students use their Mother Tongue Language more pervasively. A wide range activities during recess time and after school workshops were conducted to provide authentic situations for students to appreciate their Mother Tongue Language and its Culture. 

    • Mother Tongue Cultural Camps
The Cultural Activities aim to provide an immersive environment for students to learn and use the Mother Tongue Languages as well as to appreciate its Culture though hands-on activities and through learning journeys

    • Chinese Language and Malay Language Digital Learning Trail
Our Digital Learning Trail experience is specially designed by our Chinese and Malay Language teachers to provide authentic learning around the school compound. Students work in teams to learn more about the content of the storybooks that were discussed in class. Students also learn to use the tablets to scan QR codes, take photos as well as videos and upload them to answer certain questions posed in the learning trails.

    • Cultural Performance Education Programme in Chinese Language
The Cultural Performance Education Programme is a platform where our students get to watch cultural performances outside of school to learn more about Chinese Language and its culture. Students get to experience theatre performances, interacts with the cast and learn more about Chinese idioms and phrases.

    • Mother Tongue Support Programme (MTSP)
The Mother Tongue Support Programme (MTSP) is a customised programme that provides more individualised support for the children in their learning of the Mother Tongue Languages. It is offered at Primary 3 and Primary 4 levels to students who require additional support in learning Mother Tongue Languages

    • Conversational Chinese and Malay Programme (CCM)
In the bid to extend learning beyond the classroom, Yio Chu Kang Primary conducts Conversational Chinese Language and Malay Language classes for our Primary 3 and Primary 4 students. The Conversational Chinese/Malay Programme (CCM) is an enrichment programme for non-Chinese/non-Malay pupils who are interested in learning Chinese/Malay language and its culture. Learning Conversational Chinese/Malay provides students with the facility to communicate with their peers, and to better understand and appreciate Chinese/Malay culture and values. Students are given the platform to learn and communicate (listen and speak) on everyday situations in the language and understand as well as provide responses to conversations or verbal narratives on selected issues. 

    • Mother Tongue Language Reading programme
We believe that reading helps our students build up their proficiency in Mother Tongue languages. Our school promotes active reading by building a reading culture for our Mother Tongue Languages students. We select age appropriate books and bring these books into the classroom. Students are encouraged to read and write book reviews and shares these book reviews with each other in class. They also carry out after reading activities to deepen their learning on the content of the story.

- Competition
  • Mother Tongue Language fortnight competitions
  • Tamil Language School Based competition

Mother Tongue Languages Fortnight

Students having fun during recess at the various activity booths


Students having fun and games at the workshops during Mother Tongue Language Fortnight

Mother Tongue Language Cultural Camp




Students learning about the different cultures through hands-on activities and learning journeys

Digital Learning Trails