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Building Numeracy & Nurturing Problem Solvers
Mastery of Concepts and Skills

The Math department aims to build strong foundation in numeracy by adopting the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach to develop conceptual understanding of the topics taught. Learning is also made meaningful and engaging with authentic learning experiences incorporated.

Critical thinking in Problem Solving

The Polya’s 4 steps (Understand, Plan, Do, Check) approach is used to help pupils develop the habit of solving Math problems in a systematic manner. As pupils progress to a higher level, they are introduced to more strategies to help them handle more demanding problems. Through regular exposure and practices, pupils will be able to select the appropriate strategies in the planning stage and to critically analyse their solutions.

Learn through Play

Pupils experience joy of learning as they engage in math related games. Through the games, pupils get to apply what they have learnt and at the same time hone their critical thinking as they learn to strategize to win. Through the online learning platform, Monsworld, pupils learn independently at their own pace while collecting monsters.