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Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

Embrace Technology. Engage Learning.
With effective technology integration, technology offers opportunities for students to be more actively involved in the learning experience. At YCKPS, through the infusion of technology in our curriculum, our students activate their curiosity and imagination, promote thinking and discussions as well as facilitate the joy of learning!


Our students experience exploration, coding and making through the Code-For-Fun and MakerSpace programmes. These teaches our students problem-solving and logical thinking skills, which are important across all disciplines. 


P4 students using Sphero to apply the concept learnt in the 8-point compass.
Robotics , ICT baseline skills and New Media Literacies are infused into the various subjects – English, Mathematics, Science, Mother Tongue and Programme for Active Learning (PAL). Our students apply concepts learnt from these subjects and see them coming alive.