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English Languages

Developing Confident and Effective Communicators
Nurturing our students’ love for the English Language and developing them into effective communicators and users of the language as an empowered reader, engaged listener, effective writer and eloquent speaker is a long term enterprise of the school’s English Language Programme. In alignment with the 21st century competencies, emphasis has been placed on developing our students into confident learners, speakers and writers with robust efficacies in effective communication through being competent users of the language, anchored by a strong reading culture.

Signature Programmes:
  • Drop Everything And Read (DEAR) – Developing avid readers through engendering a robust reading culture
  • Shared Book Approach – Strengthening language & reading skills through sharing of big books
  • Modified Language Experience Approach – Learning through experiencing
  • Making Thinking Visible (MTV) Routines – Enhancing critical thinking and language skills
  • Making Articulation Great In Classroom (MAGIC) – Whole-school approach to developing and enhancing oral presentation skills
  • Celebrate English! – Developing oral competencies through Speech and Drama for P1-3 students
  • EL Alive! – Nurturing students’ love for the language

School-based Competition:
  • Gift of The Gab! – School-based Story-telling Competition

Learning Support:
  • P1 & P2: Learning Support Programme (LSP)
  • P3 & P4: Reading Remediation Programme (RRP) and/or School-based Dyslexia Remediation Programme (SDR)
*Selection of students are based on assessment through diagnostic tests to ascertain suitability for the above programmes