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Developing appreciation for the Arts
The Aesthetics Department strive to provide exposure to the various art forms and platforms for students to display their aesthetics talents. These are achieved through the different programmes that they go through at their respective levels.

  • School-based Innovative Curriculum
    • To provide exposure to various visual art forms, music instruments and performance types.
    • School-based Visual Art Modules
      • Colours; Texture; Mixed Media; Digital Art; Ceramics; Graduation Art Exhibition Painting
    • School-based Music Modules
      • Boom Whackers; Hand Chimes; Show Choir; Cajon; Ukelele
  • School Musical Production
    • To enable students with strong passion and talent in the Arts to expand their talents.
  • Aesthetics Week & YCKPS GOT Talent
    • Celebration of the culture of Arts in the school.
  • Museum Education Programme
    • To experience integrated learning of Art, English and Social Studies through their interaction with museum artefacts in a museum setting.
  • Theatre Experience Programme
    • Appreciating art performances while practising theatre etiquette and learning values through the performances