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Musical 2017

YCKPS Mulan Musical Production

yckps musical 2017 group photo

Once again, YCKPS students have done themselves proud under the spotlight! The triennial school musical is one of the initiatives by the school to provide our students a platform for creative expression, showcasing their talents and developing themselves into a confident speakers and learners.   

This year, the school put up a production from Mulan Disney Junior so as to enable our students to learn the enduring values from the famous story of Mulan. From this production, cast members and the main student body learnt about caring for the family, doing ones’ best, doing what is right and perseverance. All these are tied to the school values of Care, Upright, Progressive and Excellence. Mass auditions were held earlier in the year to give all students the opportunity to be part of the musical. 50 students were selected to be in the final cast. They went through extensive training for 4 months to prepare themselves for their respective roles.   

musical 2017 mulan ancestorsmusical 2017 villagers dancing
Ancestors of MulanVillagers dancing to celebrate

musical 2017 Mulan and the villagersmusical 2017 King and soldiersmusical 2017 soldiers
Our teachers and students put in a lot of effort and gave an exciting performance!

A total of 130 students from the six Performing Arts groups also proudly displayed their talents at the musical production. The audience enjoyed the wonderful and humorous performance by YCKPS own talented students, supported by our dedicated staff. All these would also not be possible without the tremendous support from the parents.

musical 2017 choir performancemusical 2017 handbells performance
Our ChoirOur Handbells

musical 2017 malay dance performancemusical 2017 chinese dance performance
Our Malay DancersOur Chinese Dancers

musical 2017 indian dance performancemusical 2017 angklung performance
Our Indian DancersOur Angklung Ensemble