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Learning for Life Programme (LLP) CREATE@YCKPS

What is LLP?

The Learning for Life Programme (LLP) implemented by MOE focuses on the affective aspect of students’ development. An LLP in the Arts typically involves self-discovery, character-building, honing of values, development of social-emotional skills and life skills.


CREATE@YCKPS, our school’s Learning for Life Programme (LLP), harnesses the benefits of Arts education to inculcate strong values and social emotional learning in our students, preparing them to meet the challenges of the future. 

Through this programme, the school aims to: 
 ·        create greater awareness and appreciation of the Arts amongst students;
 ·        create opportunities for students to discover their passion and potential in the area of Visual and Performing Arts; and
 ·        create platforms to translate students’ learning into actions that contribute to the society.   

 Leveraging on the Arts, the school aims to achieve the following outcomes in our students:   
 ·        Confident Persons who know their strengths, are confident and effective communicators who are able to express themselves confidently. 
 ·        Self-Directed and Engaged Learners who enjoy learning, have a lively curiosity about things and take ownership of their learning. 
 ·        Active Contributors who collaborate effectively with others, share and care for others and strives for excellence. 
 ·        Concerned Citizens who take an active role in bettering the lives of others around them.
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The 3-tier framework below summarises the CREATE@YCKPS programme:

 Tier 1 – Exposure to the Arts

 Tier 2 – Exploration of the Arts

 Tier 3 – Excellence in the Arts

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Tier 1, for all our students across Primary 1 to 6, are Exposure programmes to create awareness and appreciation of the Arts. Tier 2 programmes allow interested students to Explore their interests and enables them to develop skills and competencies in the Arts. Tier 3 targets students with strong passion and are keen to strive for Excellence in the Arts through involvement in external performances, exhibitions and competitions. 


Tier 1 – Awareness and Appreciation of the Arts

PAL Programme (P1 to P2) 

As part of the school’s Programme for Active Learning (PAL) lessons, all P1 – P2 students will experience Arts-based activities based on the diverse cultures of Singapore. The lessons provide platforms for our students to learn and exhibit the school values of Care, Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Resilience and Excellence.


Art and Music Instructional Programme (P1 to P6) 

The Art and Music Instructional Programme aims to develop students’ artistic skills, thinking skills, art appreciation and learning of values. Students experience different Art Forms and playing of musical instruments, allowing them to discover their strengths and talents in Art and Music.

Primary 1 Primary 2 Primary 3 Primary 4 Primary 5 Primary 6
Art Colours Texture  Mixed Media Digital Painting  Ceramics Graduation Art Exhibition
Music Boom Whackers Chime Bars Show Choir Cajon Ukulele Ukulele

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LLP update 3.jpgLLP update 4.jpg  

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Tuesday Busking

 In 2019, the school introduced a more frequent busking platform where students of all classes share with the students masses their musical and dance skills during recess. Students feel proud to showcase their skills and talents and student audience practice performance etiquette and appreciation while watching these busking performances. (Busking is suspended due to COVID-19)

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Theatre Experience Programme

All our Primary 3 students go on a learning journey to experience viewing a performance at an external professional venue. They learn to appreciate the performance while practising theatre etiquette and learning values through the performances. Although we were not able to bring students out due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we managed to continue the programme with a digital performance for a virtual theatre experience!

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Museum Education Programme 

The key outcome for Museum Education Programme is for our students to experience integrated learning of Art, English and Social Studies through their interaction with museum artefacts in a museum setting. Prior to 2020, Primary 2 students would go to the Philatelic Museum and Primary 5 students would go to Asian Civilisation Museum to discover new learning and make connections to what they have learnt in class.

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Primary 6 Graduation Art Exhibition

At the end of each year, Primary 6 students put up a Graduation Art Exhibition to showcase the culmination of our students’ art education journey after six years of primary school life. Each student would have developed sound social emotional skills, life skills and artistic skills to be able to create such meaningful Art.  


In 2021, the theme for the Graduation Art Exhibition was Time. Students ideate and create works of art that show the past, present and future. There is also an e-Exhibition to allow for greater access to the Exhibition and for more students’ works to be displayed.

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Aesthetics Week


Aesthetics Week is a regular feature in the school calendar with special Arts events and activities organized to expose our students to different art forms and artistic experiences.


In 2021, the theme of Aesthetics Week was ‘Loving our World’. The Music teachers shared songs about the environment with the students while the Art teachers organized the whole school to complete a school-wide recyclable mural using bottle caps and plastic bags. [Click here to see how the mural was created.] The virtual finals of the YCKPS Got Talent Competition 2020/2021 allowed all our students to enjoy a range of diverse performances by their talented schoolmates.

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In 2022, the theme of Aesthetics Week was ‘Arts in Bloom’ to encourage students to explore the Arts in our school, especially in our school garden. During Art lessons, students created abstract painting using nature and mini clay sculptures that represented nature. For Music lessons, students were introduced to ambisonic soundscapes and created their own musical compositions using sounds recorded around the school. There were also numerous fringe events, including a Photography Exhibition, Music Boards for students to play with during recess, a Virtual Art Gallery, Poetry display and even a fashion display by teachers!

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Tier 2 – Exploration of the Arts


Students who are interested to explore and pursue their interest in the Arts are able to choose from seven Arts-related CCAs offered in the school, namely

(1) Handbell 

(2) Angklung 

(3) Chinese Dance

(4) Malay Dance 

(5) Indian Dance

(6) Choir 

(7) Visual Art Club


Students of these CCAs have the opportunity to deepen their learning, involvement and exposure in the Arts, enabling them to develop skills and competencies in their chosen area of specialisation. CCA activities also aim to inculcate values in our students, hone their social and emotional competencies, build their character and help them forge friendships with students of diverse backgrounds.


Community Engagement through the Arts

Our Tier 2 programmes also give our students the opportunity to use their artistic talents and skills to engagement with the community. In recent years, our students have put up  performances at Ci Yuan CC and Meranti Home during events and festive celebrations. Our students have also presented their artwork to seniors at the Jia Ying Senior Activity Centre.

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Enrichment Programmes for Members of Arts CCAs


To provide our interested students with greater exposure and experiences, members of the Performing Arts CCA groups also view public performances at external venues. Similarly, members of Visual Arts Club view artworks exhibited by other schools and at museums. Members of Arts CCAs are also given opportunities to interact with professional art practitioners in authentic settings such as dance studios and art studios. This allows them to learn from observation of others, as part of their journey of self-discovery so that they can improve on their own skills and techniques. 


Tier 3 – Excellence in the Arts


Students with strong passion and relevant dispositions in the arts will platforms to further develop and refine their skills. They will be encouraged to strive for excellence in the Arts through external performances (such as the school musical), exhibitions in collaboration with external agencies and competitions.

Students not only polish their artistic skills in these months of preparation. The preparation process teaches students resilience, self and social awareness, self-management and care for self and others. Students further develop leadership and life skills throughout this unique learning platform and grow into a more independent and reliable individual. In 2017, the school put up Disney’s Mulan The Musical at Agape Concert Hall, which involved 50 students in the cast and 103 students from Performing Arts groups.

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*Photos without masks were taken before COVID-19