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Learning for Life Programme (LLP) CREATE@YCKPS

What is LLP?

The Learning for Life Programme (LLP) implemented by MOE focuses on the affective aspect of students’ development. An LLP in the Arts typically involves self-discovery, character-building, honing of values, development of social-emotional skills and life skills.


CREATE@YCKPS is a structured programme to harness the benefits of Arts education to inculcate strong values and social emotional learning to meet the challenges of the future.

Through this programme, the school aims to:
  • create greater awareness and appreciation of the Arts amongst the students;
  • create opportunities for students to discover their passion and potential in the area of Visual and Performing Arts;
  • create platforms to translate students’ learning into actions that contributes to the society.
Leveraging on the Arts, the school aims to achieve the following outcomes:
  • Team building, social cohesion and integration through collaborative learning
  • Creating awareness and appreciation of the diverse cultures in Singapore
  • Developing social emotional learning competencies and life-long learning skills through the Arts
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A 3-tier ACE approach is deployed:
 Tier 1 – Awareness and Appreciation of the Arts
 Tier 2 – Capacity and Competencies development
 Tier 3 – Excellence in the Arts

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CREATE@YCKPS is delivered in 3 tiers. Tier 1 are awareness and appreciation Arts programmes meant for the student masses from Primary 1 to 6. Tier 2 are programmes which stretches students’ capacity and develop students’ competencies in the Arts. Tier 3 are targeted at students who display strong passion and/or are interested in pursuing the Arts. These are special platforms which enable students expand their talents beyond the school boundaries.


Tier 1 – Awareness and Appreciation of the Arts

PAL Programme (P1 to P2) 

Students will experience Arts-based activities to create an awareness of the different and diverse cultures of Singapore. The lessons also provide the platforms for them to exhibit the school values of Care, Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Resilience and Excellence.

Art and Music Instructional Programme and School-based Modular Programme (P1 to P6) 

The General Art and Music Instructional Programme aims to develop students’ artistic skills, thinking skills, art appreciation and learning of values. Students go through various modules for exposure and experience to different Art Forms and playing of musical instruments. These platforms allow students to discover their strengths and talent in various art forms and music instruments.

Primary 1 Primary 2 Primary 3 Primary 4 Primary 5 Primary 6
Art Colours Texture  Mixed Media Digital Painting  Ceramics Graduation Art Exhibition
Music Boom Whackers Chime Bars Show Choir Cajon Ukulele Ukulele

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Tuesday Busking

 In 2019, the school introduced a more frequent busking platform where students of all classes share with the students masses their musical and dance skills during recess. Students feel proud to showcase their skills and talents and student audience practice performance etiquette and appreciation while watching these busking performances. (Busking is suspended due to COVID-19)

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Theatre Experience Programme

 Students from Primary 3 are brought on a learning journey to experience viewing a performance at an external professional venue. They learn to appreciate the performance while practising theatre etiquette and learning values through the performances. In 2018, students had the opportunity to watch The Rainbow Fish at Victoria Theatre.

Museum Education Programme 

 The key outcome for Museum Education Programme is for Primary 2 and Primary 5 students to experience integrated learning of Art, English and Social Studies through their interaction with museum artefacts in a museum setting. Primary 2 students go to the Philatelic Museum and Primary 5 students go to Asian Civilisation Museum to discover new learning and make connections to what they have learnt in class.

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Primary 6 Graduation Art Exhibition

At the end of every year, Primary 6 students put up a Graduation Art Exhibition as a mark of them having come to the end of their primary school art education. This showcase displays the peak of their art education journey in 6 years of primary school life, where they have developed sound social emotional and life skills that has allowed them to create such meaningful Art.  

In 2020, the theme for the Graduation Art Exhibition was A Changing World. Students ideate and create works of art that show their awareness on social and global issues.

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Tier 2 – Capacity and Competencies Development

Towards the end of Primary 2, students are talent scouted for entry into various CCAs. Among the 14 CCAs available in school, 7 are Performing Arts and Visual Arts, namely

(1) Handbell 

(2) Augklung 

(3) Chinese Dance

(4) Malay Dance 

(5) Indian Dance

(6) Choir 

(7) Visual Art Club

Students of these CCAs are exposed to a greater level of learning, involvement and exposure in the Arts in order to stretch and develop their ability in each of their specialised areas. Through CCAs, students are also engaged in numerous platforms to hone social emotional and build character.


External performances – Community Engagement  

Part of providing experience for students in Tier 2 includes their participation in community engagement. Students learn to use their strengths and talents to contribute to the society through a performance showcase at various external platforms. In 2017 and 2018, students from all Performing Arts groups performed at Ci Yuan CC and Meranti Home during numerous events and festive celebrations.


Viewing External Performances and Dance Enrichment 

To increase creative capacity, members of the Performing Arts groups also view performances put up by other schools or professionals. Similarly, members of Visual Arts Club view artworks exhibited by other schools and at the museum too. This aims at allowing them to learn from observation of others, as part of their journey of self-discovery; so that they can improve on their own skills and techniques. 

Another platform which aims to help students discover and improve their artistic skills and talents is one where members of the three dance groups experience an 8 week intensive enrichment by a dance professional; where they learn the wide repertoire and depth of the various ethnic dances that they specialise in. Part of this experience also allows student dancers to interact with the authentic setting for professional dancers at the studio.

Tier 3 – Excellence in the Arts

Selected students who have been identified to have a greater capacity of talent and creativity, will be provided platforms to further develop and refine their skills.

This is done through putting up external performances and exhibitions in collaboration with various external agencies, as well as students’ engagement and involvement in the school musical. Students not only polish their artistic skills in these months of preparation. The preparation process teaches students resilience, self and social awareness, self-management and care for self and others. Students also develop leadership and life skills throughout this unique learning platform and grow into a more independent and reliable individual.

In 2017, the school put up Disney’s Mulan The Musical at Agape Concert Hall, which saw as many as 50 students in the cast and 103 students from Performing Arts groups involvement.


*Photos without masks were taken before COVID-19