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2021 Events

Term 1

Total Defence Day 

The school commemorated Total Defence Day on 8 Feb. The commemoration started with videos to remind our students not only about the horrors of war but also new challenges such as the new Covid-19 pandemic that Singapore will face as a nation, challenges that cannot be reasoned or restrained by any treaty or truce. 

Video interviews of 3 front liners showed our students how Singaporeans put others before self and brought alive the Total Defence theme "Together We Keep Singapore Strong".

CCE (MTL/EL) Lessons

During Character and Citizenship Education (MTL/EL) lessons, our students were engaged by their teachers in scenarios about SIngapore's defence. Through different perspectives, they weighed on various implications arising from their decisions in Total Defence. They went through a journey of self-discovery and learning to be responsible decision makers.

Social Studies Lessons

Pupils from different levels designed Total Defence shields, focusing on the different pillars of Total Defence. Under the guidance of their Social Studies teachers, all students from different levels designed the various Defence Shields to pledge their support to Singapore's Total Defence. 

Assembly Programme

During the assembly talk, reiteration of the 6 pillars of Total Defence and the explanation of how they relate to the Covid-19 pandemic was carried out. 

Jobs were lost and retrenchments went up. In some countries, this fear created distrust and divided people. But in Singapore, we rallied together, stayed united and emerged intact and stronger.

The assembly talk impressed upon our students that they may be young but there is a part for everyone in the defence of Singapore. 

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Total Defence Day 

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