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2021 Events

Term 1

P1 Orientation (4 January 2021)

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the first day of school in 2021 (4 January 2021) became a day where we welcomed our Primary 1 students and parents (in 2 batches).

After being welcomed in the morning, the P1 students were brought to their respective classrooms by their Form Teachers. They went through a series of activities to learn more about life in a primary school.  The students also took a tour of their new school campus.

p1 orientation 1.png

The parents were brought to another set of classrooms for an online presentation about the school and its programmes. They went for a school tour and watched their child taking part in their first recess in a primary school.  

p1 orientation 2.png

The parents also took part in a simple makerspace activity where they made a simple craft for their child.  It was a packed day of activities for both the students and parents alike.

p1 orientation 3.png

First day of school and SIR

On the second day of Term 1, we welcomed back the rest of the school population for the new school year. The students went through 3 days of Start It Right (SIR) programme to prepare them for the academic year. Here are some photos of our students returning back to school.

 first day of school.png

P3-P6 Student Leadership Training  

On 5 February 2021, the school started  its first student training of the year for our P3 to P6 student leaders - Prefects, Class Monitors, Eco Monitors and Cyber Wellness Monitors. In our effort to nurture confident students with a heart to serve, the school provides opportunities for students to take on leadership roles within the classrooms as well as the larger school community. The unique situation caused by COVID-19 led to the first group of Student Leaders  ‘coming together’ remotely via Zoom. This was followed by a training session held by the respective departments for their student leaders.

student leadership 1.jpg

Total Defence Day

Tdd 5.JPG

Safer Internet Day 2021

Across the globe, we celebrated the 18th edition of Safer Internet Day on 9 Feb 2021. The theme this year is “Together for a Better Internet”. Everyone has a role to play in creating and maintaining a better online world. To mark this day, the school engaged TOUCH Cyberwellness on 10 Feb to share via Zoom about Gaming Disorder – From Attraction to Addiction during the FTGP period to educate our students about the dangers of online gaming.

safer internet day.png

Chinese New Year Celebrations 2021

Chinese New Year was celebrated this year with various interesting classroom activities, where students enjoyed learning more about the Nian Monster, Yu Sheng and the rationale for eating some festive food during Chinese New Year.

CNY 1.jpgCNY 2.jpg


Many teachers and students were dressed in red or their traditional costume for this special occasion.

This Chinese New Year celebration was unique as it was conducted entirely online. Many wonderful and eye-opening performances were put up that day, like the drum and skit performance by our students, in which students learn more about the Chinese New Year customs. Our Music teachers also prepared a body percussion session, where teachers and students got up and moved their body rhythmically to the festive songs. Even though parents were not able to join us this year in our concert this year, they prepared a video to wish all staff and students a great year ahead. Class monitors gave out oranges to their form teachers, and wished their form teachers using some of the new greetings that they had just learnt. The concert ended off with classroom decoration results announcement, where the two best decorated classrooms at each level were presented with a certificate by school leaders.

 CNY 3.jpg

CNY 5.jpgCNY 4.jpg

Yio Chu Kang Primary School wishes each and every one a prosperous and Happy Chinese New Year!

Crime Advisory Talk by Singapore Police Force

During the assembly programme on 1 March, the school engaged officers from the Singapore Police Force (SPF) to share via ZOOM on Crime Advisory.  This is a yearly engagement session that the school has in partnership with the Hougang Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC). In the past, the community police officers would came down to the school hall  to conduct a face-to-face assembly programme for our students. The session this year resumed online with one of the officers who spoke to our students on crime prevention  and cyber awareness. The students were also taught how to help the police when reporting crime.

crime prevention.png

P5 ESTEM Project Work (EPW) and Learning Journey

The P5 EPW and a learning journey trip to the NEWater Visitor Centre were organised for the P5 students in Term 1 Week 10. EPW is part of the school’s Applied Learning Programme (ALP) in Environmental Science - ESTEM@YCKPS, which stands for ‘Environmental STEM-based applied learning at Yio Chu Kang Primary School’. Through the EPW, our students learn to cooperate and share in teams to analyse a problem faced by Singapore. This project raises their awareness about water conservation in our resource-scarce nation and the challenges we face as a small country.

Our P5 students also learnt Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) skills such as identifying keywords to improve online search results and learning to use Microsoft Excel to create simple graphs. They used thinking tools for reflection and our English Department’s S.T.A.G.E. framework to present their projects. 



Personal Device for Learning Programme (PDLP) Pilot  

We are one of the five primary schools identified by MOE to be on the Personal Device for Learning Programme (PDLP) Pilot for Primary Schools this year. The Primary 4 Tamil, Mathematics and Science teachers will be going through 3 Design Cycles throughout this year where they will come together to learn and design technology enabled lessons with MOE HQ personnel for our students. They will learn how technology can fit into the curriculum and how it can be used meaningfully to enrich our students’ learning. They would also have their classrooms opened for observation and support MOE’s research in this area. Here are some photos of the Mathematics and Science lessons in progress. 



Prize Giving Ceremony 2020

On Friday 5 March 2021, 31 graduands from the 2020 Primary 6 batch were invited back to their alma mater to attend the annual Prize Giving Ceremony. These ex-P6 students clinched the top academic prizes for class, level and the PSLE. Some of them were also recognized for having outstanding character traits of excellence, resilience and service. They were awarded the prestigious School Advisory Committee (SAC) Student Recognition Awards; namely the Student of the Year Award, Youth of Character (Resilience) Award and Keen to Serve Award.

Due to the Covid-19 situation, the event was only limited to invited guests of the SAC and representatives from the Parent Support Group (PSG). Our SAC Chairman, Mr Thomas Choong, graced the occasion as the Guest-of-Honour.  All attendees had to adhere to the Safe Management Measures (SMM) for the entire duration of the ceremony. After the ceremony, in the absence of parents and loved ones, the award winners took photos with the SAC and PSG members. 

prize ceremony 1.png

Term 2

P2 to P4 Nurture Programme

Selected P2 to P4 students started their Nurture Programme in the afternoon of 26 March 2021. The Nurture Programme is conducted weekly in partnership with Central Singapore CDC. The programme is for children who needed a bit more learning support and its outcomes are:

        Build confidence as communicators

        Develop as effective problem solvers and

        Become motivated and self-directed learners

The lessons are designed to be activity-based. In the first lesson, the students set Nurture class rules aligned to our school values. They also created emotion plates and shared their feelings. The students had a fruitful and engaging session. They are looking forward to their weekly sessions with their lead teachers and SMU volunteers.

nurture 1.jpgpic 1.jpgnurture 3.jpg

nurture 4.jpgnurture 5.jpgnurture 6.jpg

nurture 9.jpg

nurture 7.jpg  nurture 8.jpg

Mother Tongue Fortnight (Chinese Language)

Our annual fun-filled two-week Mother Tongue Fortnight programme created an opportunity for the students to infuse the learning of the Chinese Culture into the learning of the Chinese Language. This year, the students learnt about the various Chinese Cultural Performing Arts, such as Wushu, Chinese Dance, Acrobatics, Puppet Show, Shadow Play and Chinese Opera. 

MTL CL 2.pngMTL CL 1.png

Students meaningfully engaged in the Digital Learning Trail, as an tuning-in activity for the MTL Fortnight programme.

MTL CL 3.png

MTL CL 5.png

MTL CL 4.png

Hands-on learning to craft the props 

for the different Chinese Performing Arts.

MTL CL 6.jpgMTL CL 7.png

Sharing their take-aways from the MTL Fortnight

Mother Tongue Fortnight (Malay Language)        

Mother Tongue (MT) Fortnight kicks off every year in term 2 with various interesting activities organized for the students. The 2-week long event aims to create an immersive environment for the learning of MT languages. During the two consecutive weeks, a wide range of activities related to Malay Language (ML) and its culture were conducted. These activities provided authentic opportunities for pupils to use their mother tongue language and experience the culture.

P1 – The P1 students had an experiential learning on batik painting.

MTL ML 1.png

MTL ML 3.pngMTL ML 4.png

MTL ML 2.pngMTL ML 5.png

P2 – The learning package for P2 incorporated enriching learning experiences outside the classroom, where they had to complete a digital trail to learn more about the Malay Traditional Kueh. 
MTL ML 6.pngMTL ML 7.png

MTL ML 8.pngMTL ML 9.pngMTL ML 10.png

P4 & P6 – The lesson package for P4s and P6s focusing on the Malay Folktale ‘Singapura Dilanggar Todak’ and Mahsuri respectively leveraged on the technology to provide innovative learning experiences for the students.


MTL ML 13.pngMTL ML 12.pngMTL ML 11.png

MTL ML 14.pngMTL ML 15.png

MTL ML 16.pngMTL ML 17.pngMTL ML 18.png

P3 & P5 – The P3s and P5s had an amazing time learning about and playing the Malay Traditional Games!

MTL ML 19.pngMTL ML 21.png

MTL ML 20.png

MTL ML 22.pngMTL ML 23.png

Mother Tongue Fortnight (Tamil Language)

The Mother Tongue (MT) Fortnight is a platform for students to engage in exploring new knowledge and deeper learning in a fun and engaging manner that ignites and enhances their experiences in Tamil Language (TL) and its cultural activities. This year’s TL theme is `Indian Traditional and Folk Dance Forms`  and we got the students engaged in exploring traditional and folk dance forms through rich sharing of the various key traditional dance forms and its nuances. They had their knowledge put to test through fun kahoot quiz games, colouring activities and hands on experience in learning simple folk dance moves, namely, Kollattam and Oyillattam.          

P1 and P2 students engaged in their colouring activity.

MTL TL 1.png

P3 to P6 students playing the kahoot game quiz.

MTL TL 2.png

P3 and P4 students learning Oyillattam.

MTL TL 3.png

P5 and  6 students learning Kollattam.

MTL TL 4.png

International Friendship Day

On 5 April 2021, our school commemorated International Friendship Day to strengthen the bond between people of diverse backgrounds from ASEAN countries.

The day’s programme started with our International students’ putting up a beautiful rendition of the song “It’s a Small World” in their respective mother tongue languages. Two of our ASEAN students, together with their parents, shared graciously about their culture to the whole school. One student from Myanmar demonstrated some practices observed during their New Year. Another student from Philippines, shared their special food culture.   

ifd 1.png

The assembly talk also drew relevance to real life examples of cross national friendship by showing the solidarity our Singaporean community helping one another during the COVID-19 pandemic. The commemoration ended on 7 April, with an interactive quiz on Kahoot hosted by teachers from the  Character and Citizenship Education team where our students had an enjoyable and meaningful time!    
ifd 2.png

Integration Programme

On 9 April, international students from Primary 1 to Primary 5, together with their local buddies, attended the Integration Programme to know more about Singapore. The session started off with the students playing an ice-breaking game to know each other better. After the ice-breaking game, they participated in a series of popular traditional game, consisting of Chapteh, Goli (glass marbles), Five stones, Kuti Kuti and Tok Kah (one-legged catching). These games gave these international students, who had only came to Singapore in the recent years, a platform to build an emotional connection and friendship with their local buddies. At the same time, it also provided our Singaporean students the opportunity to play host and interact with their buddies.

integration 1.png

Term 3

Racial Harmony Day

Annually, on the 21 July, we commemorate Racial Harmony Day (RHD) to mark the anniversary of the 1964 racial riots – a reminder not to take racial harmony for granted. The  theme for this year is “Common Spaces, Connected Communities.” We want to help our students to explore what it means to strengthen connection amongst communities, and to take action Annually, on the 21 July, we commemorate Racial Harmony Day (RHD) to mark the anniversary of the 1964 racial riots – a reminder not to take racial harmony for granted. This  theme for this year is “Common Spaces, Connected Communities.” We want to help our students to explore what it means to strengthen connection amongst communities, and to take action to preserve racial harmony in Singapore.    

As an activity leading up to RHD, the NE Team collaborated with the Art Department to arranged for students of different ethnicity to come together and design a special Merlion during their Art lesson. This provided an additional opportunity for students of different races to work together and build friendship. Under the guidance of the Art teachers, the students collaborated well and produced many beautiful artwork.    

On Racial Harmony Day, students and staff supported the event enthusiastically by putting on their ethnic best. An enriching assembly programme put up by the NE team reminded our students the importance of working hard to preserve racial harmony. The assembly ended on a high note, with a CIMO dance at the lower primary students which incorporated the different ethnic elements and an exciting Kahoot quiz for the upper primary students. At the end, we reminded our students that racial harmony takes more than just wearing ethnic costumes and doing a dance together. To preserve racial harmony in Singapore, we must continue to seek to understand and appreciate the different communities in Singapore so that we can stronger together.



Term 4

YCKPS Olympic Gala 2021

During Assembly on 25 October 2021, values seen in the Olympics that were in line with our school values were shared. Students were also excited to find out who are the winners in each event they took part in the YOG 2021. FTs presented the medals to the winners in their respective classes. The programme gave students the chance to experience a whole-school sports event amidst the current situation and also valuable lessons on the school values of Excellence and Resilience. 

To foster cohesiveness within the classes at a lower primary setting, P1-P3 students were involved in class challenges where they would attempt to score points for their classes. The activities consisted of various elements of locomotor, non-locomotor and manipulative skills that had been taught to students under the unit of Fundamental Movement Skills. Top four classes with the highest number of points in a series of five challenges received medals for their efforts. 

In line with the Tokyo Summer Olympics 2020, upper primary students experienced individualised athletics events during their PE lessons. The five events catered to various skillsets such as a middle-distance run, sprint, jumps (for distance and height) and throws. Students not only immersed themselves in the atmosphere of the Olympics, they also had the opportunity to showcase their talents in athletics. Top five male and female students of the level for each event received medals for their valiant effort. 

yog 1.jpgyog 2.jpgyog 3.jpg

yog 4.jpgyog 5.jpg

Singapore Youth Science Fair 2021

This year, three Primary 5 teams participated in the Singapore Youth Science Fair (SYSF). The SYSF is designed to promote Science education and provide the platform for young students at the Primary and Lower Secondary levels to showcase their innovative scientific investigations. From this experience, our students gained valuable knowledge, skills and attitudes in scientific inquiry and communication. Our teams did us proud by clinching two Distinction awards and one Accomplishment award! As a result of this remarkable achievement, YCKPS was accorded the Most Outstanding Participation (Primary) Award! 

Project Title: Comparison of Alternative Forms of Plastic with Petroleum-Based Plastic 

The team researched that replacing the harmful petroleum-based plastics with bioplastics may be a step towards protecting our environment. They made plastics from plant and animal products and compared the strength, solubility, heat resistance and biodegradability of the bioplastics with petroleum-based plastics. The team concluded that there is a possibility to produce plastics from plant products and animal products for daily use if a method could be devised to strengthen the bioplastics, make them insoluble and of higher heat resistance, without losing the property of biodegradability.



Project Title: The Effect of Music on Human Reaction Time 

The students investigated the effect of four types of music – calm classical, intense classical, folk and metal – on human reaction time. They found out that music helps to improve human reaction time and that folk music is the most effective, with calm classical being the least effective.



Project Title: The Effect of Acid on Seed Germination

The team of students investigated the effect of acid on the germination of seeds. The students did two investigations. The first investigation showed that when there was too much harmful gases polluting the air, none of the seeds would germinate. The percentage of acid was lowered in the second investigation. From that, the team concluded that the higher the percentage of acid, the fewer the number of seeds germinated.