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2020 Events

Term 1

Start It Right (SIR) - Primary 5

With students coming from different classes, “Start in Right” helped to ease the anxiety of a new school term for the P5 students. It also created a platform for Form Teachers to get to know their students in a non-teaching setting. Students went through different lesson activities aiming to equip them with the essential knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to prepare for the new school term. One of the key highlights of the programme would be the Class Interaction Games. It created the opportunity for students to overcome shyness and to forge new friendships. Through the games, students are able to demonstrate care and concern for their classmates, cheering them on while they were playing against another team and displaying the never give up attitude even when the team is down.


The defender will not be able to stop me from sending the ball to my teammate.


P5 students waiting eagerly to start the games.


Rooting and cheering on their classmates to play their best.

Class Leaders' Training on 13 January 2020

In line with the school’s vision and motto, to nurture each student into a Youth of Character, Keen to Serve, the Student Leadership Committee organised a Class Leaders’ Training session for nominated class leaders. The training session, which was conducted on January 13 was a platform for selected students from every class to learn the skills required to take on their assigned leadership roles.

Class leaders attended a mass briefing conducted by Mdm Huda. The briefing touched on the overarching leadership model of SERVE - an acronym for Support school programmes, Engage others, Role-model the school values, Value others and Enrich the lives of others. They also learnt about the key traits of a good and effective leader through interesting videos.

Each group of class leaders, were then briefed on the specific requirements pertaining to their roles by the respective teachers in charge of these leaders, both from the Student leadership team as well as the IP departments.

The teachers who conducted the training were as follows:

Class Leadership Role Teacher(s) in charge
P3 – P4 Class Monitor Miss Mary Chia
P5 – P6 Class Monitor Miss Leong Baoru
English Monitor/Reading Activist Mdm Huda & Mrs Jasmine Chan
Math Champion Mdm Chen Lifen and Mrs Melissa Tan
Aesthetics Monitor Mdm Sharon Lim
Ecopal Mr Jaya & Mdm Sudriyanti
Cyber Wellness Monitor Mdm Kaiyisah
PE Monitors Mr Kenneth Seah and Miss Syahidah

Using MTV routines, the teacher trainers, included interesting activities in their sessions, ranging from real case scenarios, teacher demonstrations, collaborative learning to role play. It was clear that while the respective class leaders were engaged by their teacher trainers, the sessions provided them with an opportunity to clarify on their key responsibilities and roles. Based on the Student Leadership framework of ISTEER (Identification, Selection, Training, Empowerment, Evaluation and Recognition), the team will embark on a new initiative to provide all class leaders with collar pins so that they can be easily identified and to give them a sense of esteem and pride in executing their respective roles.

Moving forward, the Student Leadership Team will continue looking into ways to hone the leadership skills of these group of class leaders. through a mid-point check in Term 2, to see how well they are coping with their key roles and the type of training that they would require to continue their good work.

SLT01.jpg SLT02.jpg
Mass Briefing for all Class Leaders P3 – P4 Monitor Training
SLT03.jpg SLT04.jpg
P5 – P6 Monitor Training English Monitors/ Reading Activists
SLT05.jpg SLT06.jpg
Math Champions PE Monitors
SLT07.jpg SLT08.jpg
Art Monitors Cyber wellness Monitors


This year, our school marked Total Defence Day on 14 February 2020 amidst the backdrop of the Covid-19 situation.

The days leading up to Total Defence Day saw everyone rallying together like well-oiled machinery as the school’s emergency preparedness plan was activated in real time.  The school’s constant emphasis on key phrases like ‘personal hygiene’, ‘social distancing’, and ‘looking out for one another regardless of race, religion or self-interests’ were well-received by the students. They took pride in carrying out their civic duties.

On 14 February, the Six Pillars of Defence, highlighting the importance of Social, Psychological and Digital Defence in combating the current Covid-19 situation, as well as the meaning of the various SCDF emergency sirens, were shared with the students. As part of the activities to commemorate Total Defence Day, our students learnt the importance of practising good hygiene during recess through the introduction of the wipe-down routine in the canteen. During snack break for the day, every student was given a packet of cream cracker to remind them of Singapore’s not-too-distant past when our forefathers had to depend on food rations to survive troubled times.

The critical message conveyed at Total Defence Day 2020 for all is to cherish what we have every day and put in every effort to keep Singapore safe!

TDD 2020 1.jpgTDD 2020 2.jpg
TDD 2020 3.jpg
Students carrying out their civic duties, by having their temperature taken every morning before starting the school day. They also practicing good hygiene by washing their hands thoroughly with soap before and after recess.

TDD 2020 4.jpg
TDD 2020 5.jpg
Students doing the wipe-down routine after having their recess meal.

Term 2

Term 3

2020 Racial Harmony Day

RHD 2020 1.png

Every year, schools commemorate Racial Harmony Day on 21 Jul 2020. This year, we commemorated the event on 13 Jul 2020 as the actual day falls on the unprecedented Term 3 mid-term school break. Nonetheless, the Covid-19 pandemic did not dampen our spirit to commemorate the event. Students and staff supported the event by cladding in colorful ethnicostumes. Besides the usual Assembly Talk, an array of interesting traditional cultural activities were lined up for the students to bring out  the RHD theme - “Multicultural Singapore”.  During PE lessons and CCE lessons, students played traditional games such as Sepak Takraw, Zero-point, Pallanguli and Chapteh with their friends. During recess, they also tried various types of traditional food of different races specially prepared by our canteen vendors.

RHD 2020 2.jpg
RHD 2020 3.jpg
RHD 2020 4.jpg
RHD 2020 5.jpg

Students enjoying the specially prepared traditional food during recess.

RHD 2020 6.jpg
RHD 2020 7.jpg
RHD 2020 8.jpg
RHD 2020 9.jpg

The collaboration with the PE department also enabled students to enjoy various ethnic games during PE lessons that week.

RHD 2020 10.jpg
RHD 2020 11.jpg
RHD 2020 12.jpg
RHD 2020 13.jpg

Students enjoying the Racial Harmony Day assembly talk in class as well as CCE lessons and activities specially prepared for them to help them better understand the diverse cultures in Singapore.

2020 National Day @ Yio Chu Kang Primary School

Our school commemorated National Day on 7 Aug 2020, Friday.

Due to the Covid19 pandemic, this year’s National Day programme was quite different from the previous years. Leading on to the national event, pre-assembly programmes filled with songs and activities started from 3 Aug 2020 and went on for a week to hype up the celebration mood. On the day of the commemoration, the Observance Ceremony was livestreamed from the parade square while all staff and students participated in the ceremony from the classrooms.

Even in the midst of the pandemic, students and staff clad in red tops formed a sea of red in every classroom. Many students also brought along their own handheld national flags for the celebration.  All these represents the resolve and commitment of everyone in the school to be part of the national collective effort to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic. 

NDP 2020 1.jpg

Pre-assembly programme

NDP 2020 2.jpg

NDP 2020 3.jpg
NDP 2020 4.jpg
NDP 2020 5.jpg

Segment 1: Observance Ceremony

NDP 2020 6.jpg
NDP 2020 7.jpg
NDP 2020 8.jpg
NDP 2020 9.jpg
NDP 2020 10.jpg
NDP 2020 11.jpg

Segment 2: Celebration

Term 4

P6 Art E-Exhibition 2020 

As part of our P6 Graduation programme, our P6 students participate in an Art Exhibition, where they present their Art pieces to the entire school. This year, due to the covid-19 situation, the Art teachers created an E-Exhibition to showcase the students' work. Click here to view our students' work!