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2018 Events

Term 1

Lab On Wheels

On 18th and 19th January 2018, our P4 and P5 students went on board a tech bus titled 'Lab On Wheels' to experience a programming workshop entitled 'Robot Rattle'.

Students learnt programming concepts and logic to activate an online robot. The online robot was able to complete various tasks, including pushing a ball, picking up a box and loading the boxes onto a container.

The workshop allowed the students to develop logical thinking and problem solving skills by breaking down problems into bite-sizes. Students also worked in pairs and learned through peer-learning.

teacher and students engaged on tech bus students engaged on tech bus, enjoying the lesson
Students were very engaged and had a fun and meaningful experience on board the technology bus.

Off the bus, students also tried a guided educational application on an iPad: SWIFT Playground

trainer and students in classroom students applying concept taught using swift playground app
Trainer demonstrating the importance of specific instructions in programming Students applying concepts taught

Chinese New Year Celebration

The 2018 Chinese New Year Celebration was organized successfully!

The Chinese New Year concert started with Principal’s speech which reminded students to be grateful for the peaceful and prosperous life now in Singapore and to treasure the time with family members and appreciate what we have.

Students then went on to watch the Chinese New Year well wishes video in which Vice Principals and teachers wish each and every one a joyous New Year celebration. Students also watched in awe as our Chinese Dance members performed.

Parents and teachers were invited to come together to do a calligraphy of “大地回春”. Students enjoyed the beautiful calligraphy work done by teachers and parents.

We then gave out the Best Decorated Classroom award for each level. Students felt proud of their own effort and everyone cheered for each other when the class won the Best Decorated Classroom award for Chinese New Year.

We ended with a bang with the Lion Dance performance. This was the finale which livened up the entire atmosphere!

Yio Chu Kang Primary School wishes each and every one a prosperous and Happy Chinese New Year!

teacher and parent calligraphy during cny concert teacher and parent displaying calligraphy writing
Teachers and Parents formed teams to participate in the calligraphy contest.

lion dance entering the hallway lion dance performance on the stage

special dog mascot giving high-five to the children school leaders receiving well wishes from lion dance troupe on stage
School leaders receiving the well wishes form lion dance troupe and the dog mascot.

This year for the Chinese New Year Classroom Decoration, each classroom was decorated based on the theme: Chinese New Year Customs and Traditions. Through this competition, we hope that our students gain more knowledge about the Chinese culture and the traditions and practices, through the fun and bonding process of decorating the classroom.

classroom decoration display 1 classroom decoration display 2

classroom decoration display 3 classroom decoration display 4
Our students used their creative juices and put up many interesting decorations in their classrooms.

Civil Defence Junior Lionhearters Challenge

Selected P5 Junior CD Lionhearters ambassadors took part in the CD Lionhearters Challenge on 14 Feb 2018 to commemorate Total Defence Day. Our team pitted their skills and wits for an afternoon of fun and knowledge in Singapore Discovery Centre, where they applied their proficiency in basic first-aid, fire safety and rescue scenarios.

Come here to find out more!

CL Cultural Performance Exposure Scheme

Learning Journey for P4 Chinese Language students and selected P5 Chinese Language students to watch a Chinese drama performance ‘Bao Xiao Long Zhuo Zei Ji’ (包小龙捉贼记) by the Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Arts and Cultural Troupe.

2.jpg 3.jpg
Chinese words were flashed on the screen as it was being said during the drama skit. Our students learnt many new good phrases!

4.jpg 5.jpg
The actors from the drama sprung into life by coming to the audience area and asking them about their opinions on the identity of the thief in the show!

6.jpg 7.jpg

Total Defence Day 2018

In living out the TDD theme for this year – “Together We Keep Singapore Strong”, a slew of activities were organised on 12 February 2018, to drive across the key messages that every pupil can play his/her part in Total Defence and our collective effort is needed to keep our nation strong.

TDD 2018- students exchanging for their sweet potato using food coupon TDD 2018- junior lion hearters demonstrating basic first-aid skills

Come over to the CCE Committee page here to find out more details and see more photos!

Integration Programme (Buddy Get-together)

To enable our new International Students and Singapore Permanent Residents to better integrate into the school and in Singapore, we have organised a get-together session for these students to interact with their appointed local buddies (Singaporeans) on 7 March 2018.

Playing local traditional games with their local buddies Playing local traditional games with their local buddies
New international students and Singapore Permanent Residents playing local traditional games with their buddies.

To find out more, please click here.

Term 2

Commemoration of International Friendship Day 2018

Celebrating the ASEAN Community is the theme for this year’s International Friendship Day (IFD). Through our assembly programme, recess interactive activities and class-based CCE lessons, we hope to inspire our pupils to play an active role in fostering people-to-people ties, reinforcing our sense of togetherness and strengthening our ASEAN identity.

Recess Activities Recess Activities
Interactive activities for our pupils during the recesses, supported by our PSG members.

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Drag, Aim, Sphero! Father-Child Bonding Event

father and child programming sphero
group shot

On 14 April Saturday, 20 of our students and their Dads participated in our “Drag, Aim, Sphero!” father-child bonding event. They learnt basic block programming skills to programme a spherical robot, called “Sphero”. This FamilyMatters@School event was jointly organized by our Parent Support Group (PSG) and the school.

Please click onto this link here to read more about the event.

2018 Primary 5 Cohort Camp

The P5 students attended a 3D2N Residential Camp at the Dairy Farm Outdoor Adventure Learning Centre (DFOALC) from 9 – 11 April 2018. The Camp provided a rich learning experience outside the classroom setting where students were given opportunities to develop holistically and build up their resilience and ruggedness. Students went through various activities such as challenging oneself in the Challenge Rope Course (CRC), hikes and buddy night walk. They were able to strengthen their camaraderie by working and overcoming obstacles together.
group hike high elements

Click here for more pictures of the activities done at the camp!

Earth Day 2018

YCKPS commemorated both the Earth Day and Earth Hour on 9th April 2018, to show our support in environment conservation.

assembly talk by Chairman of the Earth Society
Assembly talk by Mr Low,
Chairman of the Earth Society

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YCKPS Career Day

On 23 April, we were honoured to have Mr Srinivas Varma Vegesana, one of our Parent Support Group members, to share with our pupils on his career as a Principal Solution Engineer. This was followed by “YCKPS Next Top Occupation” where selected pupils shared the research findings of their dream occupations.

Assembly sharing by PSG Member YCKPS Next Top Occupation
Assembly sharing by our PSG member, 
Mr Srinivas Varma Vegesana
Selected pupils in YCKPS Next Top Occupation

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P4 Chinese Language Cultural Camp

Our Primary 4 Chinese Language students had an enriching afternoon once again! They were engaged in various activities which they found interesting and unique.

Blowing Painting (吹画) Wushu (武术)

Come over here to find out more!

Chinese Language Cultural Performance Exposure Scheme 5

Our P4 Chinese Language students and selected P5 Chinese Language students went to watch a Chinese drama performance earlier in March! Come to this page to find out more!

Adding Colours to Our Flowers for Mothers' Day

Our creative P5 students applied what they learnt about the plant transport system, and made something special for their mothers on Mothers' Day! Can you guess what they are making?!

Come here to find out more!

2018 Conversational Chinese and Malay Programme (CCM) Session 1

These students wanted to learn how to converse better with their friends of other races, hence they joined the CCM programme and learn another language. Other than learning how to converse in another language, they've learnt more about the culture as well.

Come here to find out more!

Primary 5 Social Studies Learning Journey

Picture1.jpg Picture2.jpg
The P5 classes visited Chinatown on 14th and 15th May 2018.
They visited sites of historical significance such as the Thian Hock Keng Temple.
The last remaining well in Singapore.
The students had to complete a digital trail of the journey on iPad. They discovered statues at Telok Ayer Green depicting early Singapore.

It certainly was a fun and informative learning journey!

Term 3

2018 Immersion Trip to Shanghai, China

A total of 23 students from Primary 4 & 5 went for the 2018 Immersion Trip to Shanghai from 27 May 2018 to 31 May 2018. Students learned more about the Chinese culture and Chinese arts. They also visited various places of interest in Shanghai! Come here to have a glimpse of our students’ meaningful immersion trip!

School tour at Shanghai No 1 School.jpg
School tour at Shanghai No 1 School.

Integration Programme (Getting to know Singapore Workshop)

At YCKPS, we want to equip all of our International Students and Singapore Permanent Residents with a better understanding of the diverse cultures and customs in Singapore. Click here to find out what activities the organizing committee organized!

2018 Challenge-based Learning (CBL) Workshop ‘Global Sustainable Growth: Waste Not Our Future’ [16th to 18th July 2018]

Our Primary Five Higher Chinese Language students participated in a two and a half-day international learning workshop organised by Canberra Primary School and supported by Apple, SINGAPORE. Together with students from Suzhou JinChang Experimental Primary School (苏州市金阊实验小学校), a total of 100 students engaged in an array of learning activities revolving the theme: ‘Global Sustainable Growth: Waste Not Our Future’. Apple’s Challenge Based Learning (CBL) was adopted as an approach for active learning with a real-world context.

Learning takes place beyond the classrooms as students engaged in cross-cultural understanding, negotiations during collaboration and interactive learning journeys. Students also have opportunities to explore different learning applications using iPads to consolidate their learning.

An Eco-Learning Journey to Punggol Water Way. Do you know that the word ‘Punggol’ in Malay means 'hurling sticks at the branches of fruit trees to bring them down to the ground'?
An Eco-Learning Journey to Punggol Water Way. Do you know that the word ‘Punggol’ in Malay means 'hurling sticks at the branches of fruit trees to bring them down to the ground'?

Click here to find out more!

Science Assembly Programme and Exhibition

As part of Singapore Science Festival 2018, our school partnered with Singapore Science Centre and brought an interesting assembly talk and inflatable float exhibition for our students. Click here to find out more!

Term 4

2018 Children’s Day concert

The theme for the 2018 Children’s Day concert was “Super Heroes”. School leaders, teachers, parents from the Parents Support Group (PSG) and even our very own Sports Programme Executive (SPE) Mr Sean Wong, put up scintillating, sporting and entertaining performances that brought to the fore, the message of optimism, resilience and gratitude to our children in YCKPS.

A Super Hero, is resilient, who never gives up and tries his/her best to overcome trials and tribulations. In life, when everything seems all doom and gloom, a Super Hero would come to our rescue. At the end of the day, we are eternally grateful to the Super Hero who saves our day.

In the eyes of the children, these Super Heroes exist in our everyday life. He/She may be a friend, parent, family member or relative, teacher, school staff or even a stranger. Hence, Super Heroes act as children's role models to show them the will, courage and resolve to emulate the many outstanding values and qualities of a Super Hero - Defender of the weak, upholding justice and righteousness and the moral courage to put the wrong things right. Finally, children, representing the future of the human race, need empathy and respect to demonstrate gratitude towards the Super Heroes who have helped them along in life’s journey and pay it forward.

Indeed this year’s annual Children's Day concert marks yet another fun, exciting and memorable occasion that truly exemplifies the spirit of the YCKPS family and commemorates the celebratory joys of being a child.

Superheroes cheer!.JPG
Superheroes cheer!

Hitting the high notes.jpg Hulks rule!.JPG
Hitting the high notes Hulks rule!
PSG dancing moms.JPG PSG final scene.JPG
PSG dancing moms PSG final scene
Resilience fight.JPG Serenade pianist.JPG
Resilience fight Serenade pianist
Song to our future Superheroes - Children.JPG Sporting teacher emcees.JPG
Song to our future Superheroes - Children Sporting teacher emcees
Superheroes dance moves.JPG Thor - God of Thunder.jpg
Superheroes dance moves Thor - God of Thunder
VR Kungfu.JPG
VR Kungfu

Science Buskers Festival 2018

Science Buskers Festival 2018 serves as a platform for participants to do a “show-and-tell” on any science topic with the aims of developing one’s communication skills through expressions of science in creative manners, and inspiring an interest in science. Two of our teams made it to the grand final!Click here to find out more!