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2017 Events

Term 1

Chinese New Year Celebration 2017

Our annual Chinese New Year Celebration was once again organized successfully! The students watched the performance put up by our Chinese Dance in awe; had fun during the games section; they felt proud of their own classroom when it won as the Best Decorated Classroom for CNY; last but not least, the Lion Dance performance was the finale which livened up the entire atmosphere!

Primary 3 Students singing and dancing
to an upbeat Chinese New Year song~

Cai Qing successfully completed!
Our Principal received the well-wishes from the Lions.

This year, the Classroom Decoration Competition was done differently. Each classroom was decorated based on the theme: CNY Customs and Traditions. The Judges followed the following Judging Criteria:

Relevance to theme, Festivity, Learning Value

Through this competition, we hope that our students gain more knowledge about the Chinese culture and the traditions and practices, through the fun and bonding process of decorating the classroom.

Our students used their creative juices and put up many interesting decorations in their classrooms!

Prefects' Investiture

The Prefects’ Investiture today is an important milestone for all prefects in Yio Chu Kang Primary School. It is in this ceremony that the prefects officially receive their badges and take their prefect pledge. During the investiture ceremony which is led by the disicipline committee teachers, the school is informed on the roles and responsibilities of the prefects and councillors, as well as the head and vice head prefect and their training focus areas.

The selection process for the head and vice head prefect, councillors and prefects was made known to the school. The prefects and councillors were led into the hall, by the 2017 Head Prefect, Keagen Teo and Vice Head Prefect, Althea Ng. After the ceremony the prefects recited the prefects pledge which shows their commitment to serve in their roles with pride, respect and honour.

Our Principal and Vice-Principals pinning on the badges for the newly appointed Prefects.

Head Prefect leading the prefects and councillors of 2017 in the Prefects' Pledge.

Presenting to you YCKPS Councillors and Prefects of 2017.

Total Defence Day 2017

The following activities were organized by the teachers for our YCKPS students to commemorate Total Defence Day:

  1. Guest Speaker from National Heritage Board to share about some basic history of Singapore's National Monuments
  2. The various sirens from the Singapore's Public Warning System were introduced to the students.
  3. Our Principal and a few other male teachers came dressed up in their Army Uniform and shared about their Army experience with the students!
  4. Food Ration Exercise where pupils were given food coupons to exchange for the following food items: Tapioca, Sweet Potato, porridge.
  5. Booth Activities held during recess time

Come here to see the pictures and find out in detail about the activities!

P4, P5, P6 Interdisciplinary Project Work (IPW)

Focusing on the acquisition of values and creating awareness on global issues amongst students, the school’s Interdisciplinary Project Work takes on a more robust and dynamic approach this year. The students explored issues such as World Hunger and the importance of healthy eating at Primary 4 level, Singapore’s perenial water issue at Primary 5 level and Man’s impact on the environment at Primary 6 level.

The aim is to develop students into good and useful citizens in a fast changing and globalised world. It develops students through an understanding of the values that define the Singapore society, inspiring them to show concern about the world they live in, and demonstrate empathy in their relationships with others. (MOE CCE)

Character Education is infused into IPW through Values in Action (VIA) programme. This programme engages our P4, P5 and P6 students in a dynamic problem-solving process with the aim of encouraging them to make a difference to the community. The programme is closely aligned with the school’s core values.

End of Term 1, moving ahead~

Term 1 was filled with various school events and programmes to enrich our students both in the academic and non-academic areas.

Through the Prefects' Investiture, our Prefects were introduced to the school, taking on important responsibilities.

The annual Prize Giving Ceremony awarded certificates, trophies and gift vouchers to acknowledge the efforts and improvements made by our students academically, as well as to recognize the contributions by the various CCA groups and our ex-pupils.

Our teachers planned and carried out fun and meaningful activities for our students to join in the festive mood of Chinese New Year and to commemorate Total Defence Day.

Term 2

Earth Hour @ YCKPS

Our school did our part for Earth Hour 2017! From 0740am to 0840am on the 25th April, most lights, fans and air-conditioning were turned off.

Find out more about what we did here!

Primary 5 Outdoor Adventure Camp

Every year, our Primary 5 pupils will get the opportunity to attend a 3 Days 2 Night Adventure Camp outside of school.

This year, the adventure camp was held at MOE Dairy Farm Outdoor Adventure and Learning Centre, from 27th March to 29th March 2017.

The objectives of the camp was to provide students with opportunities to further develop resilience, independence and co-operation, as well as instill leadership qualities in students.

Many of the teachers who attended the camp with the P5 students felt that this year's camp was much more meaningful. This was because the values of resilience and showing appreciation and care towards others was emphasized throughout the camp.

May the pictures below show you the amount of learning and fun our P5 students experienced during their camp!

Applying navigation skills learnt in PE lesson during the camp.

Encourage pupils to lead a sustainable life through the construction of pot of plant using recycled mineral water bottle.

Safety briefing session conducted by the Outdoor Adventure Educators before embarking on the high elements. Pupils eagerly putting on safety gears and awaiting their challenges in the high elements.

High elements obstacles build up pupils’ mental strength and not giving up easily in times of difficulties. The pupils having a small break before starting in their next journey.

Our teacher, Mr Cruz giving moral support to the students by challenging himself too!
Abseiling doesn’t seem that difficult after all for our students.

Pupils demonstrating how they are going to support their group mates when they descend from the rock wall. Physical challenges through conquering rock wall develop confidence level among pupils.

Pupils have the opportunity to consolidate and share their learning during the campfire. It also provided a platform for the pupils to show their appreciation for each other. Exploration of places in the dark help pupils to overcome their fear of the dark. They share with the group on what they have heard and observed during their walk.

International Friendship Day

International Friendship Day was commemorated on 7th April 2017 in our school, to provide opportunities for students to appreciate and learn from the different backgrounds and experiences of people in our neighbouring countries.

Find out more on what we did to achieve this, here!

YCKPS Food Donation Drive

This Food Donation Drive is spearheaded by our very own CCE-ViA (Values in Action) committee! It is our school's initiative to extend our hands to serve the community.

Likewise for this year, all Primary 4 students were engaged in conducting a food donation drive for the non-profit organization, Food From The Heart.

Click here to find out more!

Values in Action (ViA) Exposition and Kindness Week

YCKPS focuses on character building in our students. Many of our students are involved in student-initiated projects, to put the values learnt in action!

We held a week long exposition for our students to showcase their projects, as well as spread important messages to educate their school mates on how one can do their part to make social change in their lives.

This year's ViA Exposition was held in conjunction with Kindness Week.

Come over here to see pictures and read up more on what our students did!

End of Term 2, moving to Term 3

Our pupils have spent an enriching Semester 1 here at YCKPS.

Let's gear up and get ready for Term 3!

Term 3

Overseas Immersion Programme to Shanghai

Every year, 20-25 of our P4 and P5 students, taking Chinese Language, will get the opportunity to go to Shanghai No.1 Primary School for an enriching immersion programme!

This year, during the first week of the June Holidays, our students and teachers had a great learning experience there. Check out the pictures here ~

Ci Yuan Tray Return Outreach Programme

Over here at Yio Chu Kang Primary School, we focus very much on the character education of our students too. The outreach programme to Ci Yuan Hawker Centre is a great initiative created by our Values-in-Action committee teachers, to educate our students the importance of social graciousness.

Come over to this page to find out more!

P3 Buddy Clean Workshop

Primary 3 students were engaged in a workshop, launched by National Environmental Agency (NEA), to provide students with the opportunities to learn various skills such as cleaning, effective communication and active listening.

Find out more about this workshop here.

Junior Entrepreneurs' Programme

Our schools's student care centre - YMCA arranged an Entrepreneurs' Programme! The children specially crafted a handmade photo-frame and stationery holder. They used their public speaking skills and enthusiasm to sell what they made at the Sengkang South Little Entrepreneurs & Family Carnival.

Mother Tongue Fortnight: Chinese Language Digital Book Trail

The Chinese Language department created a Chinese Language Book Trail based on 3 great Chinese Masterpieces. Teachers shared with students on few segments of the stories in Pilgrimage to the West; Journey to the West, The Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Heroes of the Marshes; Water Margins respectively. Students then went on a book trail to learn more about the characters and content of the book.

Four Learning Stations for the book trail

Students scanning QR code to select the correct character, after understanding the story

Students are enjoying their learning and busy answering the questions!

Racial Harmony Day

On the 21 July 2017, our school commemorated Racial Harmony Day. Come over to this link here to watch a video compiled by our very own talented teacher, Miss Wong.

Term 4

Nanogirl Science Show @ YCKPS

Dr Michelle Dickinson is a passionate researcher and teacher with a love for Science and Engineering. A senior lecturer in Engineering at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, Dr Dickinson brought her Nanogirl Science Show specially to the Singapore Science Festival 2017 and Yio Chu Kang Primary School!

The students were treated to a series of exciting Science activities of shooting an airzooka, crushing tin cans and burning soap bubbles during the show. Dr Dickinson showed us that Science happens everywhere and for everyone, and does not have to be limited to only the Science classroom in school. She also showed the students how they can be superheroes with superpowers simply by using the Science around them.

Our students had so much fun!

Childrens' Day Celebration

This year’s Children’s Day concert theme: “Children are Special – Our Wishes for You” was captured succinctly in the exciting introductory video that outlines the historical origins of Children Day to explain why children are universally special. In addition, the theme outlines the present challenges children face and the future hopes and dreams for children on this special day.

To kick-off the concert, the School Leaders presented their three wishes for the children. The children laughed at the P3/P4 teachers’ sporting antics and colourful outfits as the P3/P4 teachers wished them a lively curiosity of things around them through the game of “Guessing the Movie Titles."

P3 & P4 teachers: Movie Characters

Some cried listening to personalized lyrics in the P5/P6 teachers’ ukulele item as they wished the children to always experience love in spite of who they are in an adapted rendition song: “Students Whom We Love - We Will Always Love You!"

P5 & P6 teachers: Ukulele Song - "Students Whom We Love"

Others were inspired by the P1/P2 teachers’ “Fight Song” and energetic dance for the children to always be resilient and persevere despite challenges faced.

P1 & P2 teachers: perform "Fight Song" & Dance

Many sang along in spontaneous unison to the familiar tunes of Chopsticks Brothers’ “The Little Apple -  小苹果” and Ed Sheeran’s hit “The Shape of You”; created an electrifying hair-raising atmosphere that brought the house down with the PSG Potpourri Dance medley. The mothers’ dance encouraged the children to be brave and step out of their comfort zone to try new challenges just like the PSG dancing mothers did.

PSG Potpourri Dance Medley

For the finale, our Principal Mr Ng’s solo guitar and song performance: “If We Hold On Together” wished for the children to support each other and work together towards a better tomorrow. Throughout the concert, the children were participative, captivated and their hearts touched. Teachers also waved their hands in the air and clapped along with the children. The magical atmosphere created epitomizes a facet of the YCKPS school spirit.

Despite their busy commitments, the teachers and parents took time to prepare and practice for their Children’s Day concert items. It was an expression of the love they had for the children and to role model one's courage to step out of one’s comfort zone to make a contribution. The rare occasions of adults performing for children are positive memories that would forever be etched in the children’s and adults’ minds too because these experiences are really out of the ordinary.

True to the saying: “It takes a village to raise a child”, every one of us play a part to create the uniquely YCKPS experience for our children.

Homecoming Day

Calling out to our recent old boys and girls to come back to YCKPS for a very meaningful morning, where you can relive your good memories during your primary school days! Take this chance to catch up with your ex-teachers. You could also take a picture with your ex-classmates and bring it back with you as a keepsake.
Refreshments will also be provided.

The Homecoming event was a success! Click here for more details and photos~

School Musical - Mulan

yckps musical 2017 group photo

Once again, YCKPS students have done themselves proud under the spotlight! The triennial school musical is one of the initiatives by the school to provide our students a platform for creative expression, showcasing their talents and developing themselves into a confident speakers and learners.

This year, the school put up a production from Mulan Disney Junior so as to enable our students to learn the enduring values from the famous story of Mulan. From this production, cast members and the main student body learnt about caring for the family, doing ones’ best, doing what is right and perseverance. All these are tied to the school values of Care, Upright, Progressive and Excellence. Mass auditions were held earlier in the year to give all students the opportunity to be part of the musical. 50 students were selected to be in the final cast. They went through extensive training for 4 months to prepare themselves for their respective roles.

musical 2017 mulan ancestors musical 2017 villagers dancing
Ancestors of Mulan Villagers dancing to celebrate

musical 2017 Mulan and the villagers musical 2017 King and soldiers musical 2017 soldiers
Our teachers and students put in a lot of effort and gave an exciting performance!

A total of 130 students from the six Performing Arts groups also proudly displayed their talents at the musical production. The audience enjoyed the wonderful and humorous performance by YCKPS own talented students, supported by our dedicated staff. All these would also not be possible without the tremendous support from the parents.

musical 2017 choir performance musical 2017 handbells performance
Our Choir Our Handbells

musical 2017 malay dance performance musical 2017 chinese dance performance
Our Malay Dancers Our Chinese Dancers

musical 2017 indian dance performance musical 2017 angklung performance
Our Indian Dancers Our Angklung Ensemble