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TL Key Programmes / Activities

Key Programmes

  1. Reading Programme (P3-P6)
  2. Reading Portfolio (P3-P4)
  3. P1&P2 Oral Skills
  4. P3&P4 Compositions skills
  5. P5&P6 Comprehension Skills
  6. Learning Support Programme
  7. (IMTL) Portal /Oracy Portal ( P4 -P5)
  8. Tamil Literary competitions ( External) for all levels
  9. School Based Tamil Literary competitions for all levels
  10. Mother Tongue Fortnight Activities
  11. Cultural Language Camp
  12. Deepavali Celebration

School Based Tamil Literary Competition

Tamil School-based competition is an annual event of Tamil Department. It was conducted for the 8th consecutive year on 28th July 2017. 5 finalist from each level performed in Language Game, Role Play, Singing, Story Telling, Oratorical and Essay Writing Competitions.

Mother Tongue Language Fortnight

Language Games, Picture Induction, Garland-making, Face Mask Painting, Musical Instruments and Quizzes were some of the activities used to enthuse students in bolstering their knowledge on both Tamil Language and Culture.

Reading Programme

Reading mum programme has been conducted for lower primary students to motivate reading.
 Tamil publication, ‘Manavar Murasu’ (Student Version) is being used to  promote reading for Primary 5 and 6 students.

MTL Camp

MTL Camp provided both language and cultural experiences for our students. They learned about debating skills and played the Kabadi Game. The objective of this Camp is to develop students’ verbal and social skills and to immerse them in the Indian cultural activities.

Parents' Workshop

A Tamil Language Assessment Workshop was organized for parents of priimary 4 to 6 students. The workshop was conducted by our Tamil Language Teachers on 28 July 2017 to update parents about the Tamil Language Assessment and to equip them with skills to guide and support their children at home.

External Competition - Tamil Language Month

Our students from Primary 1 to Primary 6 participated in various language competitions organised by various CC, RC and organisations.