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Mother Tongue

Chinese Language (CL) Department

The Chinese Language department believe in building a strong foundation in our students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills to help them achieve to the best that they can be. Through the various programmes and activities, we target to equip students with 21st Century Competencies to meet the demands of the future.

Role of Member Name of Member
HOD Mother Tongue Languages Mrs Chiang Siew Lee
Senior Teacher / Chinese Language Miss Peng Xinyu
Chinese Language Teacher & Level Head CCE Mdm Chow Yin Wai
Chinese Language Teacher Miss Amelia Ong
Chinese Language Teacher Mdm Lu Yun
Chinese Language Teacher Miss Emily Ee
Chinese Language Teacher Mr Liu Huaqing
Chinese Language Teacher Miss Chan Shu Hui
Chinese Language Teacher &
Subject Head ICT
Mdm Kong Wing Yan
Chinese Language Teacher Mdm Liang Qi
Chinese Language Teacher Mdm Joell Lim
Chinese Language Teacher Miss Tan Xuan Hong

Malay Language (ML) Department

The Malay Language department aims to nurture proficient users of the Malay Language who are active and critical learners. The department works on various school programmes to equip students with the keenness to learn and the opportunities to use the Malay Language eloquently and with pride.

Role of Member Name of Member
Senior Teacher Mdm Manisah Osman
Malay Language Teacher Mdm Norhafizah Samsudin
Malay Language Teacher Mdm Rahidah Mispan
Malay Language Teacher Ms Nazihah
Malay Language Teacher Mdm Sudriyanti
Malay Language Teacher Mr Syafiq

Tamil Language (TL) Department

The Tamil Language Unit aims to help cultivate in our students a passion for learning the Tamil language and culture through Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. It also aims to develop communication skills through spoken and written language medium. It places emphasis on the use of authentic activities to better engage our students in learning and developing their communication skills through Play Express and Mother Tongue Language Fortnight activities. Opportunities are also provided for students to showcase their talents and develop their potential in academics and aesthetics with the right social and moral values through school-based and external competitions. Recognising Reading as a precursor to higher language acquisition, the department has embarked on Reading Mum for lower primary and Reading Programme for Primary 5 and 6 with the subscription of the Tamil Daily newspaper once a week. The Tamil Language Unit has infused ICT Tools such as Kahoot, Nearpot, Quizlet into the teaching of Tamil Language which promotes reading and writing extensively from Primary 1 to Primary 6. A wide range of activities and programmes are provided so that our students have an enriching experience learning and using Tamil Language.

Role of Member Name of Member
Tamil Language Coordinator Mrs Gopalan
Tamil Language Teacher Miss Turkha Devi
Tamil Language Teacher Mdm Raynitha