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UNSW Global 2018

CompetitionAchievementName of Pupil
ICAS Mathematics 2018 Primary 3Distinction
1) Pratyansu Priyam (P3 Care)
2) Yamazaki Kenshin (P3 Care)
3) Cadfael Lim (P3 Care)
4) Ghanesh Chudamani (P3 Upright)
5) Ng Ze Sheng (P3 Upright)
ICAS Mathematics 2018 Primary 4Higher DistinctionFeng Xin Yi (P4 Care)
ICAS Mathematics 2018 Primary 4  DistinctionBijoy Bhavik (P4 Care) 
ICAS Mathematics 2018 Primary 5 Higher Distinction Zhu Yancun (P5 Excellence) 
ICAS Mathematics 2018 Primary 5 Distinction1) Joseph Daniel (P5 Care)
2) Hari Gopal Saathvika (P5 Upright) 
ICAS Mathematics 2018 Primary 5   DistinctionKumaresan Jeyasarathi (P6 Care) 

group photo

YearCompetitionAchievementName of Pupil
2018Raffles Institution Primary Mathematics World Contest (RIPMWC)Certificate of Credit
(names in alphabetical order)
Alson Png Tian How (6 Care)
Inez Chai Yu En (5 Care)
 2018 Raffles Institution Primary Mathematics World Contest (RIPMWC) Certification of Participation
(names in alphabetical order)
 Daniel Joseph (5 Care) 
 Isaac Yeo Ming En (5 Upright) 
 Jegannathan Padmanabhan (6 Care) 
 Leong Jia Kai (5 Upright) 
 Saathvika Hari Gopal (5 Upright) 
 Shaima Ayeashaa (5 Care) 
 Toh Ni En Leticia (5 Upright)
 2018 Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools 
 Bronze Alson Png Tian How (6 Care)
  2018  Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools 
(names in alphabetical order)
 Anabelle Chasia Soesilo (6 Care)
Benjamin Edward Raharjo (6 Upright)
Charles Marcellino (6 Care)
Herreria Jillianne Villegas (6 Care)
Inez Chai Yu En (5 Care)
Isaac Yeo Ming En (5 Upright)
Jangra Aditya (6 Care)
Javier Phoo Jun Ming (6 Care)
Jegannathan Padmanabhan (6 Care) Kumaresan Jeyasarathi (6 Care)
Leong Jia Kai (5 Upright)
Li Xiuqing (6 Upright)
Liang Bin (6 Care)
Ma Junli (6 Care)
Maeda Yu (6 Care)
Nur Angeline Insyirah Binte Ismail (6 Care) Ong See Cheng (6 Care)
Ramesh Yohanan (6 Care)
Saathvika Hari Gopal (5 Upright)
Toh Ni En Leticia (5 Upright)
Trisha Tan Tse Yu (6 Care)
Yeo Tee Boon Brandon (6 Care)
Yu Yixuan (6 Care)

Singapore Mathematical Olympiad 2017

As part of our continual effort to explore and work with our high progressive learners in Mathematics, we are committed to expose them to Mathematics competitions at the national level. We are proud to acknowledge the good work done by our participants. First, two teams of selected Primary 5 and 6 high progressive learners represented YCKPS to participate in the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools (SMOPS) competition organised by Hwa Chong Institution. 

From left to right: 

1st row         Sun Yutong, J Sarugesh, Ng Yang Han Oscar, Wong Xiao Han, Isaac Chai Yu Feng, Kaegen Teo Wee Teck,
                     Ng Celeste, Tolentino Gaileen Francesca Nueca, Kaleeswaran Krithiga, Samyuktha Devendran 

2nd row       Mdm Chen Li Fen, Zhan Ruiang, Balasubramanian Haresh Joven, Ganvkar Aaryan Sanjay, Jeren Lo Yu Kai,
                    Tristan Denzil D'souza, Yip Zheng Rong, Cheng Li Yuan, Wang Sihan, Mdm Poh, Mr Wong

Primary Mathematics World Contest

Our selected P4 and P6 high progressive learners also participated in the Raffles Institution Mathematics Primary World Contest 

From left to right: 

Sun Yutong, Wong Xiao Han, Tristan Denzil D’ Souza, Isaac Chai Yu Feng, Triniece Ong Xin Ting, Inez Chai Yu En, Daniel Joseph, Kaliyappan Periyanan Niranjjanravi, Balamurugan Vishwa, Saathvika Hari Gopal, Mdm Poh, Mr Wong