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Key Programmes / Activities

Flagship Programmes

STELLARSTrategies for English Language  

Learning And Learning

Primary 1 – Primary 6

STELLAR aims to strengthen both language and reading skills as well as promote a positive attitude towards reading in the foundational years through the use of well-established, learner-centred and developmentally appropriate pedagogical approaches using authentic children's literature.

The three key strategies at the lower-primary level:

  • Shared Book Approach (SBA)
  • Modified Language Experience Approach (MLEA)
  • Learning Centres (LC)

The four key strategies at the Upper-primary level:

  • Sustained Supported Reading (SSR)
  • What-you- now, What-you- ant-to-know, What-have-you-
  • earnt (KWL)
  • Writing Process Cycle (WPC)
  • Differentiated Instructions (DI)

Holistic Assesments_English.jpg

Holistic Assessment: 

Primary 1 – Primary 5

Holistic assessment in our context refers to the ongoing gathering of information on different facets of a child from various sources, with the aim of providing qualitative and quantitative feedback to support and guide the child's development. Holistic assessment informs teachers on their teaching practice and guides them in the design and delivery of student learning. It will also enable parents to support their children's development an

Broadly, holistic assessment emphasises the following four key aspects:

  • Focusing on the development of the whole child
  • Striking a balance between AoL (Assessment Of Learning) andAfL (Assessment For Learning) practices
  • Guiding teachers in the design and delivery of their practices
  • Using appropriate methods and modes of assessment

Oratorical Programmes

As part of the school’s efforts in bolstering the oral competencies in our students, aligned with one of the skill domains of EL, professional training and platforms are provided for them to be engaged in a gamut of engaging and enriching experiences during their journey towards speech proficiencies and excellence in oral communication.

  • Speech & Drama: Primary 1
  • Reader’s Theatre: Primary 2
  • Story-telling: Primary 3
  • Speech & Presentation: Primary 4

DEAR: Drop Everything And Read Programme

Primary 1 – Primary 6

Believing in reading as a main antecedent of English language proficiency in the various EL skill domains, our school promotes active reading by establishing a pervasive reading culture through our differentiated, data-driven and ICT-based structured reading programme through the identification and matching of students’ Lexile profile (reading comprehension proficiency levels) with age-appropriate books.

PECS Pre-Assembly Programme:

Promoting  English  Culture to  Students  Programme

Primary 1 – Primary 6

In line with the general EL direction of the school and to achieve student outcomes, we see the need to build a robust EL culture within school in which the richness, vibrancy, interest and love for the language can be seeded and flourish within students.

PILOT Programme:

Pushing Individual Limits OTalent

Primary 4 – Primary 5

Recognising the learning needs of our high ability learners, the EL PILOT programme is calibrated to their learning inclinations in which their potential can be better stretched.