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School Reading Award (P3-P6)


Akshaj Ganesh

P4 Upright

Master Reader Collar Pin (50 Quizzes)

Nabilah Binte Noor Affandy

P5 Care 

 Master Reader Collar Pin (50 Quizzes)

Inspiring Teacher of English Award 2017

The Inspiring Teacher of English Award acknowledges teachers who have been instrumental in igniting a love for the English Language and are effective in helping their students speak and write better. These teachers are passionate about making English interesting and relevant to their students, and are innovative in engaging their students to help them learn English better. The Award salutes these teachers for their continual learning and constant efforts to upgrade themselves to benefit their students and schools. 

Amongst the nominations submitted, we are proud to announce that our Head of Department for English Language has been given the recognition. Congratulations!

Name of Teacher Name of Award
Mr Edwin Wan
Head of Department - English Language
Inspiring Teacher of English Award
Leadership Award

Mr Edwin Wan (on the most left) with Minister Dr Janil Putucheary, after receiving the plaque.

Mr Edwin Wan was also featured in The Straits Times newspaper - Home Section, as he enlivened his English class with magic tricks to bring English stories alive!

Mr Edwin Wan, featured in The Straits Times newspaper - 14th October 2017 issue