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English Language

English Language Committee Members

Name Designation
Mr Edwin Wan Head of Department (HOD) / English Language (EL)
Ms Nicole Samantha Ng
Level Head (Internal)
Mdm Janice Wong Year Head Middle Primary
Mdm Dasimah
Senior Teacher (ST) EL
ICT Mentor (EL)
LEAD Champion for Writing
Ms Lim Huey Ling
STELLAR Coordinator
STELLAR Teacher Mentor (Lower Primary)
Primary 1 EL Level Representative/HA Coordinator
Mdm Nazeha’a Primary 3 EL Level Representative/HA Coordinator
Mrs Amy Tan
LitPro Reading Coordinator
Primary 4 EL Level Representative
Mdm Noor Azlin
Learning Support Coordinator (LSC)-(EL)
Ms Hadzzier Reading Coordinator
Ms Phoebe Wong Oratorical Skills Coordinator Primary 2 EL Level Representative
Mdm Salina Shah

English Language Rubik Framework

The Rubik Cube, through its vibrant colours and copious permutations of solutions that it offers, represents the flair and vibrancy associated with the love for the English language.

However, the scientific profile and Mathematical nature of the Rubik concept represents the technicalities and rigour of the language.

Hence, in essence, the Rubik framework symbolises Yio Chu Kang Primary School’s relentless efforts in developing both domains of the English Language in our students.

The English Language Rubik Framework Deconstructed

The ‘Pinnacle Face’

This ‘face’ of the EL Rubik framework epitomises the essence of Yio Chu Kang Primary School’s trajectory in seeking to develop in every student as an EL learner as encapsulated in the vision and mission, ‘Empowered Reader, Engaged Listener, Effective Writer, Eloquent Speaker’ and ‘To nurture learners to be effective communicators of the English Language’ respectively.

Supporting the school’s central tenet in EL learning, the individual skills domains of Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking forms the ‘cornerstones’ of English Language proficiency, with the meta-language of Grammar and Vocabulary serving as language tools to achieve delineated EL competencies in students.

'The Supporting Faces'

The adjacent faces of the Rubik framework reflect the approaches and strategies of the school in support of the four main EL skill domains of Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking.

In each skill domain, the school places premium in differentiating its teaching and learning approach according to learners’ ability level, namely, High, Middle and Lowas represented in the varying tiers of the Rubik cube.

Transcending these ability levels is the school’s prerogative in developing staff competencies and synergistic partnership is to complement professional efforts and rigour of teaching the differing ability groups.

The ‘Base’

In support of the school’s efforts in augmenting EL teaching and learning, the ‘base’ of the Rubik framework represents the alignment of school’s direction with national initiatives to bring about the desired outcomes of English Language learning in the school.