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Values In Action & Environment


As an important component of Character and Citizenship Education, the overarching mission of our Values in Action (VIA) programmes aims to instil in our students, graciousness and keenness to serve the community and nation, thus preparing them for a lifetime of active citizenship.

We adopted a whole school approach in providing learning experiences for students to exercise social responsibility in their spheres of influence and play their part through meaningful contribution to the school and community. In support of Keep Singapore Clean Movement, our school-initiated VIA programmes focuses on care for our environment. 

Primary 1Personal Space Cleaning
Primary 2
Classroom Cleaning
Primary 3  Canteen Cleaning
Primary 4 ViA @ Elders Activity Centre
Primary 5  Water Conservation
Primary 6 YCKPS Recycling Drive

Buddy Clean Workshop for the Primary 3s

In our effort to extend our hands to serve the school community and in line with the Keep Singapore Clean Movement in schools, all Primary 3 students were engaged in a capacity building workshop titled “Buddy Clean Workshop” launched by NEA. This programme aims to educate our students to be socially responsible, and caring citizens with good character. The learning experience also provides students the opportunity to learn the various skills required for cleaning as well as effective communication and active listening skills. Students leverage on peer influence and feedback to shape behaviour and foster shared ownership and responsibility of common spaces.

Here are some highlights from the workshop:

Students participated actively in a range of activities during the workshop.

Awareness on the importance of inculcating positive social values and norms on cleanliness were created amongst students.

Students were equipped with relevant skills to carry out cleaning tasks

Tray Outreach Programme @ Ci Yuan Hawker

Our Primary 3 to 5 Ecopals put values into actions by participating in the outreach programme at Ci Yuan Hawker Centre on 12 July, 19 July and 2 August 2018.  They learnt the importance of social graciousness and built confidence in them to remind patrons to return their trays.  The Ecopals also fielded questions on the advocacy and the school’s values education programme.  

The Ecopals took courage to approach individual patron at Ci Yuan Hawker Centre to remind them to return their trays. 

By the end of the session, the Ecopals were more confident in advocating a clean environment to larger groups of patrons

Clean and Green Singapore Carnival – “Eco School Day 2018”

On 5 November 2018, 28 selected Ecopals from Primary 3 to 6 visited the Clean and Green Singapore (CGS) Carnival – “Eco School Day 2018”. It was organised by the National Environment Agency at Wisma Geylang Serai.  Some of the activities include “Recycle It Right, “Bin Your Litter”, “Aim at the Good Habits” and “Pledge to Save Water”. 

Through these activities, our Ecopals gained insights on responsibility to the environment. This will help them champion saving the environment in school. 


Our YCKPS Ecopals were highly engaged in the interactive learning activity on how to recycle materials correctly.

Our Ecopals participated actively in the 'Good Habits' station as they learnt more about keeping good habits.

The CGS Carnival provided our Ecopals with great learning opportunities in a fun way.Finally, our Ecopals demonstrated enthusiasm in pledging their commitment to save water for our environment.

School-initiated VIA Activities

Lower primary students learn to keep their personal space and classrooms clean and tidy.
Canteen Cleaning Programme for all 
P3 to P6 students.

Buddy Clean Workshop for all P3 students, in collaboration with NEA.

In support of World Food Day, a global movement to end hunger and reduce food wastage, we participated in the 
Clean Plate Campaign organised by Food From the Heart. 

Our school came in 
Top 5 among the 36 schools that participated.

P5 pupils served as Water Conservation Ambassadors in garnering support from fellow schoolmates to pledge towards 
water conservation during the 
YCKPS VIA Exposition.

YCKPS Food Donation Drive

The Values-In-Action Programme has been an integral component in the holistic development of every student in Yio Chu Kang Primary. In extending our hands to serve the community, all Primary 4 students were engaged in conducting a Food Donation Drive for the non-profit organisation, Food From the Heart, to support the needy families within our community. The food donation drive was held on 10th April 2017 to 17th April 2017. This Donation Drive forms part of the learning in the P4 Interdisciplinary Project Work, Food for Thought. 

Our P4 students giving a pre-assembly talk to inform the school about the upcoming donation drive.

Students went around the school to promote their projects and to collect donations from the staff and students.

Students were also engaged in the packing and sorting of the donated items. They had to check for the expiry dates

before sorting them according to the different categories, facilitating the distribution of these items to the needy households later on.

Collection of donations by Food From The Heart with the help of our helpful students. 

ViA Exposition and Kindness Week

It is the time of the year again for our students to showcase their Values In Action projects that were done during their Values in Action Learning Experience in school. The 1-week long exposition was carried out during the Kindness Week in Term 2 Week 9. Besides involving all students in school-initiated VIA programs, we also collaborated with Social Change in Action (SoCH) to encourage student ownership of VIA activities through students-initiated projects, in support of the global programme Design for Change Movement. Through the planning and implementing of these student initiated VIA projects, students acquire the 21st century competencies and skills. This year, all our Primary 5 students also took the opportunity to serve as Water Conservation Ambassadors to educate their school mates on the ways of saving water and importance of conserving water during the exposition.

P5 pupils serving as Water Conservation Ambassadors in garnering support from fellow schoolmates to pledge towards water conservation during the YCKPS VIA Exposition.

P5 pupils advocating the importance of water conservation during our YCKPS VIA Exposition.

Our SoCH leaders initiated projects, in support of the Design for Change Movement, to effect positive change for a caring and inclusive community. See them in action during the Values In Action Exposition, advocating on topics on Stop Bullying,  Upcycling, Toilet Cleanliness and so on.

In support of Singapore Kindness Movement, our YCKPS students also served as Friends of Singa Ambassadors in finding and implementing solutions to promote kindness within our school.

Our Friends of Singa Ambassadors in action. 

Student-Initiated Values-In-Action Projects (SoCH Programme)

This year, our Primary 4 and Primary 5 student leaders participated in the Social Change Programme. After attending 4 sessions of training, they came up with solutions to the concerns identified.


Two groups, namely “The land of Lost Treasures” and “The Blind Spot” emerged the Top 10 in the primary school category, with ‘The Blind Spot’ group winning the Top 3 award! They were invited to the ‘Be the Change Celebration’ at SMU to share their learning with students and teachers from other schools.  

The student leaders were taught the "Feel-Imagine-Do-Share"thinking design model to improve on our school environment



This group feels that students are misplacing their belongings in school, hence they decided to enhance the lost and found corner and worked on promoting the importance of being responsible for one's belongings.

This group hopes to educate students and their parents by providing easier drop-off in the morning to ease the traffic jam. Hence,they came up with a mock-up of the school’s drop-off point, hoping that will entice students to be more mindful when they’re dropping off in the morning.  

The group working on "Healthy Snack Break" was concerned that their schoolmates were eating unhealthy snacks during their snack breaks. They created a song and mascots to raise awareness among their schoolmates on healthy snacks. They also designed and gave out flyers to inform parents to prepare healthier snacks for their children as well.

The group that worked on "Saving Electricity" rode on the popularity Pokemon and created posters to be put outside the school's toilet to remind their schoolmates to save electricity.

Student leaders that belonged to the group "The Blind Spot" witnessed how their schoolmates bumped into 
each other around the blind spots in school, so they created comic strips to raise awareness of the importance of safety around a bend. They conducted a pre-assembly talk to share with the school about their concerns too.

P4 students going around the classes to promote and collect donated items.


Singapore Kindness Movement

In support of Singapore Kindness Movement, our YCKPS students also served as Friends of Singa Ambassadors.

Our Friends of Singa Ambassadors in action.

Environmental Education

In tandem with our Values in Actions education, our school’s Environmental Education aims to inculcate in our pupils to be a community of active environmental activists.

We focus on the 3R approaches, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Some highlights of our environmental efforts are Earth Hour 2016, Earth Day 2016, School Food Wastage Pilot Project, Tray Return Initiative @ Ci Yuan Hawker Centre (NEA) and Energy Heroes! Mobile Exhibition (SP Services Ltd). 

Through participating in these activities, students are engaged to play an active role in Saving Gaia.

Students participate in Tray Return Initiative @ Ci Yuan Hawker Centre