Total Defence Day 2018

"Together We Keep Singapore Strong"

In living out the TDD theme for this year – “Together We Keep Singapore Strong”, a slew of activities were organised on 12 February 2018, to drive across the key messages that every pupil can play his/her part in Total Defence and our collective effort is needed to keep our nation strong.

Through these activities – assembly programme, CCE lessons, “Eat to Live” experience (serving wartime food) and other recess activities, our pupils learnt about the five pillars of Total Defence,  the hardship of war and how each and every one of them could play his/her part in Total Defence.

TDD 2018 - students exchange for sweet potatoTDD 2018- students eating their food during the food rationing exercise
 "Eat to Live” – a food rationing exercise during recess, where pupils were given food coupons to exchange for sweet potato porridge.
TDD 2018- junior lionhearters presenting on basic first-aid skills
Our Civil Defence Junior Lionhearters in action as they hone their presentations skills at the first-aid booth where they presented and mentored their peers in learning basic first-aid skills as part of Civil Defence.
  TDD 2018- students pledging to play their part in Total Defence
Pupils consolidate their learning by pledging to play their part in Total Defence.