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Racial Harmony Day

The school commemorated Racial Harmony Day on 20th July 2018 through various activities. The objectives of this event were to enable students to understand and appreciate the diversity within each ethnic community and to identify values which people of different ethnic communities share that bind and unite them.

Aligning to the theme “Diversity Our Strength”, students had the opportunity to appreciate a variety of local foods and participated actively in recess activities. The Racial Harmony activities were infused in English Language, Character and Citizenship Education, Physical Education, Art and Music.

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Diversity our Strength.
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Students enjoying traditional food together during their recesses.
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Playing traditional games with friends during Physical Education lessons. Playing a game of “pick-up–stick” with friends during CCE lessons.
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Students reading the information on display panels. Primary 4 pupils’ support for Orange Ribbon Programme. Taking photos with friends of other races.