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Civil Defence Junior Lionhearters Challenge

Selected P5 Junior CD Lionhearters ambassadors took part in the CD Lionhearters Challenge on 14 Feb 2018 to commemorate Total Defence Day. Our team pitted their skills and wits for an afternoon of fun and knowledge in Singapore Discovery Centre, where they applied their proficiency in basic first-aid, fire safety and rescue scenarios. The challenge involved the team in completing various skill sets/tasks at nine zones, all of which focused and worked towards reinforcing the values of the 5 key pillars of Total Defence and Emergency Preparedness.

One of our Lionhearter team member participating in a quiz.
Our Lionhearter team went to the Army Museum to complete their task.
Our Lionhearter team completed the race & won medals.

While the team complete the race, other Lionhearter supporters got the chance to experience Emergency Preparedness activities in various booths such as performing CPR, carrying casualties, using fire extinguisher, experiencing tremor and many more during the Total Defence Exhibition 2018.