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2019 Tray Return Outreach Programme

Our Primary 4 and 5 Eco-Monitors participated in the Tray Return Outreach Programme, a collaboration with the National Environment Agency (NEA). On 12th April and 18th April, they went to Ci Yuan Hawker Centre to promote Tray Return amongst the patrons. Prior to the programme, the Eco-monitors were briefed by NEA and students volunteers from Anderson-Serangoon Junior College (ASJC) who shared their experiences and encounters to better prepare them for the actual day.

We worked hand in hand with NEA to ensure a clean environment towards a livable and sustainable Singapore. With this participation, our school hopes to build social skills of our Eco-Monitors by providing opportunities for them to interact and communicate with members of the public. At the same time, we aim to instill values of responsibility in  our Eco-Monitors as users of public spaces and care for others.

At the end of the programme, the Eco-Monitors reflected that cleanliness of public spaces is the shared responsibility for all members of public and it is important for everyone to play their part.

Our P4 & P5 Eco-Monitors in action.   

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