2019 Earth Day

Our School commemorated Earth Day & Earth Hour on 8 April 2019.  A variety of activities was put in place to create the awareness and advocate the idea of saving GAIA.

Assembly Talk

Ms. Faith Lee from SembCorp was invited to give an environmental talk to the students. She spoke on the 3Rs- reduce, reuse and recycle. The students and staff came to know what happens to our waste once it is deposited into the bins. Students also participated actively in the quiz at the end of the session and learned more on how to segregate waste for recycling.

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Lights Out!

All non-essential lightings, fans and air-conditioners were switched off for an hour in the school. Through this experience, staff and students understood the importance of energy conservation and did their part in saving electricity.

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Recess Activities Booths

Our students were engaged at the different booths during their recesses. They played a game titled "Love Your Food". They also learnt more about Ocean Conservation and Forest Conservation. The students also pledged to savthe earth and penned down how they were going to be environment friendly-making every day Earth Day.

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