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Character & Citizenship Education (CCE)

Key Programmes/Activities

The YCKPS Character and Citizenship Education Committee is committed to student excellence and believes in holistic development. Our students participate in various forms of programmes and acitivies! These programmes and activities are carried out through the SIMPLE way for our Youths of Character.  

SIMPLE takes the form of:

Social Development

Focuses on learning as a team and to apply this team’s learning to enhance individual’s knowledge and effective communication.

Intellectual Development

Focuses on expansion of student knowledge based on  educational research findings and discussions among students.

Moral Development

Focuses on the school values education and application to enhance each student’scharacter for better living and learning.

Physical Development

Focuses on the students’ physical well-being to enhance the ability to explore and interact with the world around us.

Leadership Development

Focuses on nurturing and enhancing various type of leadership in students based on individual student’s talents.

aEsthetics Development

Focuses on developing in students an appreciation of arts and cultures around the world to enhance the spirit of friendship and collaboration.

Look to the right panel and find out more about how our students 
put the values learnt, into action!~

CCE Level Outcomes

Level School-based CCE Outcomes
P1 A student who acquires self-awareness and self-management skills to achieve personal well-being. A student who promotes harmony among peers and have a sense of belonging to his/her class. A reflective learner who cares for others.
P3 A student who acquires social awareness and apply interpersonal skills to build and maintain positive relationships. A student who takes pride in his/her school identity and have a sense of belonging to the school community. A resilient learner who turns challenges into opportunities and contributes actively to the school.
P5 A student who acts with integrity and makes responsible decisions. A student who takes pride in our national identity and have a sense of belonging to Singapore. A responsible learner who values Singapore's socio-cultural diversity and respond actively to community issues.

Our Committee Members

Name of Member Role in Committee
Mdm Amanda Chow Subject Head CCE
Mrs Jasmine Tan
FTGP Coordinator
Mdm Wang Yimei,Amy Sexuality Education Coordinator
Mr Alan Wong Education & Career Guidance Coordinator
Mr Tan Jia Rong National Education & Social Studies Coordinator
Mdm Noor Azlin Integration Coordinator
Ms Chan Shu Hui Character & Citizenship Education (CCE) Coordinator
Mdm Siti Haddzzier Values In Action (VIA) Coordinator
Mrs Dave P1 VIA Representation
Mdm Salina Shah P2 VIA Representation
Ms Chan Shu Hui P3 VIA Representation
Ms Wong Shu Yi Gillian P3 VIA Representation(Assistant)
Ms Lim Kar Hoon, Joell P4 VIA Representation
Mrs Ang-Oi Poh Ling P5 VIA Representation
Mr Tan Yoke Wee P6 VIA Representation
Ms Neo Bee Geok Member
Mrs Gopalan Member
Mdm Rahidah Member
Mrs Eunice Tse Member
Mdm Leng Sze Chah Member
Ms Phoebe Wong Member
Mdm Raynitha Member
Mrs Ng Guat Hoon Member
Mr Khusairi Suradi Member
Mr Jaya Balan K. Member
Ms Sudriyanti Member
Mr Ang Yew Yee Member
Mr Syafiq Member
Ms Tan Xuan Hong Member
Ms Jayne Anne Member