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2019 Achievements


2019 POSB-NLB Kids' Lit Quiz Heats5th Place
Raffles Institution Primary Mathematics
World Contest 2019

 Overall Result
Median of 26.0
(Comparable to National median)

Certificate of Distinction
Brenan Kuan Ee Ren - Excellence 2
Lim Hong Yi - Excellence 1
Tey Hao Yuan - Excellence 1

Certificate of Credit
Lim Woon Han Alfredo - Excellence 2
Nidhin Noel - Excellence 1
Pei Hwa Hackathon 2019Certificate of Participaton
Benson Yeo - Primary 5
Lim Cheng Khai - Primary 5
Jethro - Primary 5
Jay Lock Jun Hao - Primary 5

1st Runner Up 
Ching Rong Que - Primary 6
Zhu Yan Cun  - Primary 6
Haziq - Primary 6
Li Yao Hui  - Primary 6


Infocomm Club
Hackathon by Pei Hwa Secondary

 1st Runner Up (Smart Dustbin)
Zhu Yancun - Excellence 1
Li Yao Hui - Excellence 1
Ching Rong Gue - Excellence 1
Haziq Aiman Bin Zulhairee - Excellence 2

National School Games
Track & Field 2019
A' Divisional Boys (Overall)
4th Position

A' Divisional Girls (Overall)
2nd Position

Shot Put - Boys
2nd Position
Pham Anh Tuan - Resilience 5

Shot Put - girls
2nd Position
Lew Jia Ling - Excellence 2

100m Hurdles
3rd Position
Zhu Yancun - Excellence 1

100m Run
2nd Position
Lau En Tong - Resilience 5
North Division Day

Puan Noor Aishah
Gold Award

Fusion Dance Competition
1st Position
 Aprameya, Francesca, Yogalakshme, Ariel Lum,
Yap Su Yi, Suzanna Adlyna, Isra Nur Qaisara,
Nur Alisha Begam, Hannah Maria, Prasanna

Captain's Ball Competition
2nd Position
Lee Xin Yu - Excellence 2
Li Yushi - Excellence 1

International Leader Character Day
Parade Competition
2nd Position
Chelsy Interino - Resilience 2
Ashley Lim - Resilience 3
Tricia Quek - Resilience 4
Manasvini Tiruveedula - Excellence 1
Zhang Peng Si Qi - Excellence 3
National School Games 2019

Senior Girls
5th to 8th Position

North Zone Volleyball Championship 2019
 Junior Girls
4th Position

Senior Girls 
2nd Position
 volleyball_mvp2.jpg volleyball_mvp1.jpg
 Senior Girls Most Valuable Player
Nur Asyiqah Binte Ramadan
 Junior Girls Most Valuable Player 
Chen Zhi Tong