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School Vision, Mission, Values & Pupils' Creed

School Mission

To Nurture Confident and Self-Directed Learners Who are Keen to Serve

School Vision

Empowering Mind
Engaging Heart
Extending Hands

School Values

Our school values encompass the four main core values highlighted in the school vision statement.


Be the best you can be


Learn to improve


True to self and others


Care for self and others

Pupils' Creed

The pupils' creed was drawn up by the pupils of Yio Chu Kang Primary School in the year 2000. 

We, the Pupils of YCKPS pledge to be:


 Youths of Character, Keen to Serve 
 Culture and customs, we will preserve 
 Kindness and care in words and deeds. 
 Perserverence is something we value indeed 
 Serving our school, with hearts pure and true.