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School Rules

    1. Attendance and Punctuality
      • Students must be punctual for all morning assemblies.
      • Students must be seated in the hall by 7.30 a.m. After the 7.30 a.m. bell has rung, students will have their attendance marked as ‘Late’.
      • Students must be punctual for all lessons, CCAs, Remedial, and Enrichment classes/workshops.
      • Students who are absent must produce a Medical Certificate or a letter of excuse from a parent/guardian within 3 working days from date of absence. Students who fail to do so will be marked as ‘Absent Without Valid Reason’.
      • Students must attain prior written approval by the Form Teacher, HOD, YH/AYH, Vice Principal or Principal before leaving the school during curriculum time.

    2. Conduct in Classroom and Public Places
      • Students must display respect when interacting with their peers, teachers and all school staff. 
      • Students must maintain good conduct during all lessons.
      • Students moving from one classroom to another must move together as a class in a quiet and orderly manner.
      • Students must queue in an orderly manner when buying food in the school canteen area.
      • Students must behave in a manner that projects a good image of the school by behaving in a civilised and gracious manner at all times (in school/ at public places).
      • Students must not steal any item.
      • Students must not willfully destroy school or public property.
      • Students are not to exert physical violence on anybody.
      • Students are not to extort, buy or sell any items from one another.
      • All students are not allowed to have in their possession any weapons. They are also not allowed to bring any weapon-like item which is used or intended to be used to cause harm to others.

    3. Flag-raising Ceremony
      • Attendance is compulsory for flag-raising ceremonies.
      • Students who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge. Students will take the Pledge with the right fist over the chest.
      • All students must stand at attention during the Flag-raising ceremony.

    4. Appearance/Accessories
      • Students are to wear the prescribed school uniform and modification to the uniform is not allowed. Boys must be neat in appearance, clean-shaven and no facial hair is allowed.
      • Girls can only wear a pair of small ear studs not more than 0.5 cm in diameter.
      • Boys must be neat in appearance, clean-shaven and no facial hair is allowed.
      • No make-up of any kind is allowed.
      • Branded articles/ jewellery/ fanciful wrist bands must not be worn to school.
      • Chains or strings worn around the neck must be long enough to be hidden under the blouse or shirt.
      • Fingernails must be kept short and neat.
      • No wearing of nail polish.

    5. Hairstyles
      • Hair must be neat and tidy at all times.
      • No gel, mousse, hair dye/tint of any kind is allowed.
      • Outlandish hairstyles are not allowed.
      • Girls’ hair should be above base of collar or neatly tied up.
      • The hair/ fringe should not touch the eyebrows.
      • All hair clips, hair bands, ribbons and rubber bands used should be plain black or white. No fanciful hair accessories are allowed.
      • Boys should have a student haircut. Boys’ hair should be short and neat, sloped at the sides and back.

    6. Mobile Phone Policy
      • Mobile phones must not be used in the school premises during school curriculum hours unless a teacher’s permission is obtained.
      • The School will not be responsible for the loss or damage of any mobile phones.
      • Mobile phones will be confiscated by school authority if use of mobile phones is abused.