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School History

Yio Chu Kang Primary School was built under the Government's Ten Year plan during the colonial period. It began as a single block of 14 classrooms with a Principal's Office and a Staff Room. It was established in October 1950 with Mrs S B Belleti as its first Principal.


It started with 11 classes. In 1952, Mr Leow Kim Fatt took over as Principal of the school. The number of classes gradually increased to 26, functioning in 2 sessions.  With the completion of the school field in 1953, the 1st Annual Sports Meet was held in 1954.


With the retirement of Mr. Leow in 1967, Mr. Tan Hooi Khoon was appointed Principal of the school. During his term of office, an extension consisting of a four storey block and a staff room including a canteen cum assembly hall was completed by the Public Works Department in October 1968 at a cost of $230,000. The extension was officially declared open by the Member of Parliament for Ponggol, Mr. Ng Kah Ting on 8th April 1969. 


In July 1969, a central library was established. In July 1970, Mr S Ratnagopal took over as Principal of the school. The lyrics of the school song was written by him and the music was composed by Miss Janet Chee who was then the music teacher. A change in the uniform for the girls was also made, i.e. from blouse and pinafore to blouse and skirt. In April 1971, Mr K Selvarajah covered the duties of the Principal. Mrs. J Thanabalasingha became the Principal of the school in June 1971.


In 1973, Mr Tan Eng Cheng became the Principal. Over the years, many improvements were made and numerous facilities were provided for. The facilities include the Central Library, Dental Clinic, Resource Room, AV Theatrette, Music Room, Tamil Language Room, Conference/Lounge, Staff Room and General Office.


During the period from 1969 to 1975, the school was converted into an integrated primary school admitting pupils taking Chinese as their first language of instruction. Two such classes were formed. However, it was reverted to an English-medium school in 1976 as the intake for the Chinese stream was negligible. With the change in the structure of the school administration, Mr. Tan Ban Soon was appointed as the first Vice-Principal of the school. He left the school after the first semester to take up his new appointment. The post of Vice-Principal was then filled by Mr Seet Cheng Bok in January 1980.


Mrs Iris Ang Woon Choo took over as Principal from January 1983 to March 1992. She was succeeded by Ms. Pang Ong Choo who left the school on 13 Dec 1998. Mrs Toh Boon Keng became the Principal of the school from 14 December 1998 to 31 December 2009.


In May 1999, the school was relocated to No. 1 Hougang St 51 under the leadership of Mrs Toh Boon Keng. The new school consisting of 3 blocks of building stands on sprawling campus of 1.86 hectares of land. It is equipped with the latest facilities and most modern resources at that time to enable the management to carry on the many successes achieved by past principals and teachers in nurturing and developing youths of characters who are keen to strive for academic excellence and able to work in harmony to serve the family, community and nation.


With the retirement of Mrs Toh on 31 December 2009, Mrs Teo Whye Choo became the Principal of the school. Under her leadership, the school underwent PERI upgrading as part of the third phase of MOE’s plan to support holistic education. Under the upgrading, additional facilities such as redesigned classrooms, band room, dance studio, performing arts studio and outdoor running track were built. These new facilities encouraged greater interaction and self-discovery, and facilitate experiential and hands-on learning.  An indoor sports hall was also be provided as part of the upgrading. The upgrading works commenced in November 2012 and was completed in June 2014. 

Mr Ng Aik Boon took over as Principal from 15 Dec 2016.



A brief summary of the leadership @ Yio Chu Kang Primary School is shown below:

Period Principal
1950 - 1952
Mrs. S. B. Belleti
1952 - 1967
Mr. Leow Kim Fatt
1967 - 1970
Mr. Tan Hooi Khoon
July 1970 - April 1971
Mr. S. Ratnagopal
April 1971 - June 1971
Mr. K. Selvarajah (covering duties)
June 1971 - Dec 1972
Mrs. J. Thanabalasingham
Jan 1973 - Dec 1982
Mr. Tan Eng Cheng
Jan 1983 - March 1992
Mrs Iris Ang Woon Choo
1st April 1992 - 13 Dec 1998
Miss Pang Ong Choo
14 Dec 1998 - 31 Dec 2009
Mrs Toh Boon Keng
1 Jan 2010 - 14 Dec 2016
Mrs Teo Whye Choo
15 Dec 2016 - to dateMr Ng Aik Boon