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School Flag, Emblem, Motto & School Song


The school flag is halved horizontally: white over green.
It has in the centre the school crest with the school motto:



The colour green is symbolic of hope and success and 
the colour white signifies prevading and everlasting purity and virtue.


1950 - 1961

1962 - 1970

(Pictures - Courtesy of Mr. Lock Hong Fai)


School Song

 The lyrics of the School Song were written by the Principal of the School, Mr. S. Ratnagopal in July 1970.


We are happy boys and girls at school
Our days with knowledge bright and full
To work, to serve without a sigh
E'er we maintain our standards high.



Yio Chu Kang our very own
The seeds of learning here are sown
We're youths of character keen to serve
The name of our school we'll ever preserve.


Our Yio Chu Kang School forever
Success in our endeavour
Onwards, upward we will strive
To serve our Singapore with pride

The Original Version of the School Song