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Principal's Foreword

I am happy to announce that our application to start the Applied Learning Programme (ALP) in Environmental Science (ESTEM@YCKPS) has been approved this year. Our teachers have worked hard to develop a good Integrated Project Work over the past few years which laid the foundation for our ALP to impact a much larger group of students. We hope to expose our students not only to the environmental issues affecting our world but to the science and technology of sustainability. Through the Environmental Project Work (EPW, the renamed Integrated Project Work), we want to train our Primary 4 to 6 students through a problem-based approach to learn how to solve real life environmental issues. As this is closely tied to their science curriculum, we hope to bring the joy of learning beyond the classroom to our students.
I am also happy to announce that our application for the new Life-Long Learning Programme (LLP) in visual and performing arts (CREATE@YCKPS) has also been approved this year. Once again, our teachers have laboured much to develop the structured art programme, supported by the performing arts CCAs in the school. As part of the LLP, our students get to experience a comprehensive 6-year Art and Music Modular Programme where they are exposed to a diverse range of art and music genres. For parents who have attended our School Musical last year, they would have seen the many talents found amongst our students. Many of these students gained invaluable lessons that cannot be learnt through textbooks. We hope that through our LLP, our students will learn to become confident persons that will put them in good stead for their future.
Character development will continue to be a key focus area for the school. As Martin Luther King Jr once said, “Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.” In YCKPS, we are committed to not only help our students do well academically but also instil wholesome character development in them. The school’s Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) programme comprises of the Values Express Programme, Values in Action (VIA), Integrated Learning Trails and the annual NE commemorative events. The Values Express Programme leverages LEGO Education’s Build-To-Express for students to construct and articulate their interpretation and understanding of the significance of school and NE values.
The school’s 6-year progressive VIA Plan serves to imbue in students civic-mindedness and nurture them into caring citizens. The Plan comprises school-initiated VIA activities based on the theme, ‘Our Environment’ which include Keeping Personal Space and Classrooms Clean, Keeping School Canteen Clean, ‘The Termly Great Cleanup’, Reducing Food Wastage, Food from the Heart, Water Conservation and Recycling.

We believe in building a conducive environment for our teachers to teach and for our students to learn. We will garner more resources to green the school so that our school can be a green oasis for our students. For example, the garden next to the bus bay area has been transformed to attract butterflies. We hope to inculcate in our students an appreciation for nature and the importance of biodiversity, especially in a concrete jungle like Singapore.

As a school, we are committed to create a good learning environment and provide varied learning opportunities for our students, so that every child under our care can grow and learn well.

Yours in education,

Mr Ng Aik Boon