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School Safety & Security

Exchange of Identity Card for Visitor Pass

Visitors including parents and caregivers are to produce their identity cards or driving licences in exchange for relevant Visitor Pass in order to enter the school premises.

Road Safety

  • Safety of pupils and staff using the access roads in school is the responsibility of all.
  • Designated parking areas that are away from pupil assembly areas are set for school buses and cars to enhance the safety of pupils.
  1. Cross at traffic junctions or pedestrian crossings:
    (a) Refrain from using handphones or other electronic audio devices when crossing.
    (b) STOP, look right, look left, and then look right again.
    (c) Wait for vehicles to come to a complete STOP before crossing.
    (d) Raise hand to attract the attention of drivers when crossing.
    (e) Cross briskly and observe oncoming traffic. 
  2. Use footpaths and overhead bridges and do not cross at dangerous corners and intersections.
  3. At bus stops, do not to cross immediately in front of buses after alighting.
  4. Obey school patrol wardens and police.
Travelling by public bus:
  1. Keep off bus bays
  2. Flag bus in advance
  3. Queue for a bus
  4. Board and alight from the bus in an orderly manner
  5. Behave properly when on the bus.

Safety on School Buses

  • Pupils are to obey the instructions of the bus driver at all times. Pupils must be respectful to the bus driver and assistant and cooperate at all times.
  • Pupils are only allowed to board and leave the bus at pre-agreed stops only.
  • Pupils taking the school bus are given proper safety briefings and taught about how to behave when riding on a school bus.
  • Pupils are assembled first and attendance taken before being led to their respective school bus.
  • School buses are not to be allowed to leave unless all pupils have been accounted for.
  • Embarkation and disembarkation of pupils from school buses must be closely monitored and guided by the teachers on duty, school bus driver or assistant at all times.
  • All school policies that apply to pupil conduct and other pupil related activities apply in the school bus.