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School Rules & School Uniform

All students are expected to abide by the school rules and regulations at all times and conduct themselves in a respectable manner that upholds the school values.

The school rules and regulations are designed to state clearly the boundaries of acceptable conduct in school and in society. Enforcement of school rules and regulations is done with the intention of teaching the students to uphold certain standards of positive behaviour, in support of learning and growth in a safe and secure environment.

1.     National Anthem, Pledge and School Song

1.1.      Attendance is compulsory for flag-raising ceremonies.

1.2.      Students who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge. Students will take                          the Pledge with the right fist over the chest.

1.3.      All students must stand at attention during the Flag-raising ceremony.

1.4.      Students will sing the School Song with pride.

2.     Attendance and Punctuality


2.1.     All students are expected to attend school during term time. Students must obtain prior written approval by the                    Form Teacher, HOD, YH/AYH, Vice Principal or Principal before leaving the school during curriculum time and                          for appropriate reasons only.

2.2.    Upon arrival in school, students are not allowed to leave school without permission. Students will take their                           lunch in the school canteen before their Enrichment/Supplementary/Remedial classes, CCA or any school-                              organised activities in the afternoon.

2.3.     Students attending Enrichment/Supplementary/Remedial classes, CCA or any school-organised activities are                       not allowed to leave the school without informing the teacher-in-charge.

2.4.     In case of an emergency when a student has to leave the school or students who are sick during curriculum                           time and have to leave school can only do so if he is accompanied by a parent/guardian. The parent/guardian                          will need to sign out at the General Office.

2.5.     Students who are absent from school must submit a Medical Certificate or a letter of excuse from a                                            parent/guardian within 3 working days upon the students’ return. Students who fail to do so will be marked as                        ‘Absent Without Valid Reason’.

2.6.      Students who are absent from CCA or Enrichment/Supplementary/Remedial classes must submit a Medical                            Certificate or a letter of excuse to the teacher-in-charge.


2.7.      All students must be punctual for school, Flag-raising ceremonies and morning assemblies, lessons,                                        Enrichment/Supplementary/Remedial classes, CCA and any school-organised activities.

2.8.      The music for school morning assembly is played at 7.15 a.m. to signal the commencement of silent reading in                         the hall or parade square.

2.9.       All students must assemble and be seated in the hall or parade square for the Flag-raising ceremony at 7.30                         a.m.

2.10.    Students arriving in the hall or parade square after the 7.30 a.m. bell has rung will have their attendance                                 marked as ‘Late’.

3.     Conduct during Assembly, in School and Public Places

3.1.       Students are to assemble in their designated places at the assembly area.

3.2.       Students should be reading silently while they are waiting for the Flag-raising ceremony or assembly                                        programmes to begin.

3.3.       Students should proceed to and from the assembly areas, canteen and classrooms in a quiet and orderly                                 manner as a class.

3.4.       Students must queue in an orderly manner when buying food in the canteen and return all utensils to the                                 designated stalls.

3.5.       Students are expected to maintain cleanliness in the school grounds. Littering is not allowed.

3.6.       Students must display respect when interacting with their peers, teachers and all school staff.

3.7.       Students must conduct themselves in a respectful manner that upholds the school values at all times.

3.8.       Students are expected to be attentive, respectful and responsible learners. There must be no disruptive                                  behaviour in school.

3.9.       Students must not steal any item.

3.10.     Students must not wilfully destroy school or public property.

3.11.     Students are not to exert physical violence on anybody.

3.12.     Students are not to extort, buy or sell any items from one another.

3.13.     Students are not allowed to have in their possession any weapons. They are also not allowed to bring any                              weapon-like item which is used or intended to be used to cause harm to others.

 4.     Attire and Appearance

School Attire, Name Tag, Socks and Shoes

4.1.       Students are to wear the prescribed school uniform and modification to the uniform is not allowed.

4.2.       Students are expected to observe the following guidelines on school attire. 

school rules 1.JPG

4.3.       Primary 1 and 2 students can wear their PE attire for the whole day on days when they have PE lessons.

4.4.       Primary 3 to 6 students should be in the following attire on days when they have PE lessons. They must change back to their half-uniform attire right after their PE lesson.

Acceptable girls hair.JPG

Appearance and Hairstyle for Boys

4.5.          Boys should be neat and tidy in appearance, clean-shaven and facial hair is not allowed.

4.6.          Fingernails must be short and neat. Nail polish is not allowed.

4.7.          Boys should have a student haircut. Boys’ hair should be short and neat, sloped at the sides and back. The
            fringe should not touch the eyebrows and the hair at the sides should not be touching the ears.

4.8.          Gel, mousse, hair dye/tint of any kind is not allowed.

4.9.          Fanciful hairstyles are not allowed in school. Boys who come to school with unacceptable hairstyles will be sent
            home and are expected to report to school with a student haircut by the next school day.
school rules 3.JPG

Appearance and Hairstyle for Girls

4.10.       Girls should be neat and tidy in appearance.

4.11.       Makeup of any kind is not allowed. 

4.12.       Fingernails must be short and neat. Nail polish is not allowed.

4.13.       Girls’ hair should be above the base of the collar or neatly tied up with a black or navy blue rubber band.                                   The fringe should not touch the eyebrows.

4.14.       Gel, mousse, hair dye/tint of any kind is not allowed.

Acceptable girls hair.JPG

Jewellery and Accessories

4.15.       Students should wear a simple watch. The School does not recommend students to bring smart watches, fitness                 trackers and other similar electronic accessories.

4.16.       Branded articles, fanciful wrist and ankle bands and jewellery are not allowed.

4.17.       Chains or strings worn around the neck must be long enough to be hidden under the blouse or shirt.

4.18.       Girls can only wear a pair of small ear studs not more than 0.5 cm in diameter.

4.19.       All hair clips, hair bands, ribbons and rubber bands used should be plain black or white. Fanciful hair accessories                     are not allowed

5.     Use of Electronic Devices

5.1.        The School does not recommend students to bring mobile phones, tablets, smart watches, e-readers and other                 similar electronic devices into the school premises and on learning journeys.

5.2.         If any electronic devices are brought into the school premises or on learning journeys, the security of these                        devices are the individual student’s responsibility. The School will not be responsible for the loss, theft or damage of         any electronic devices.

5.3.        The use of mobile phones and other electronic devices is not allowed in the school premises before, during and                after curriculum hours unless a teacher’s permission is obtained. Curriculum hours include recess time, lunch                      time, Enrichment/ Supplementary/Remedial classes, CCA or any school-organised activities in the afternoon.

5.4.        The use of electronic devices to capture, store, display and/or transmit visual, audio or verbal information in the                  school premises is not allowed without the explicit consent of the school authority and the persons involved.

5.5.        For learning journeys, project work or any other school activities that require photos or videos to be taken,                          teachers will select students to be in charge of the school issued devices that will be used to take the required                  photos or videos. The use of personal mobile phones and other electronic devices is not allowed during the                       learning journey, other school activities or on the bus to and from school.

5.6.        Any student found to be abusing the use of mobile phones or other electronic devices will have their devices                     confiscated by the school authority. The students’ parent/guardian will have to personally collect the devices from             the school authority at the end of the confiscation period.

5.7.        Students involved in capturing, distributing or uploading inappropriate images or videos of students, parents or                       staff at any time will have disciplinary actions taken against them.