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Raffles Student Care Centre

About Raffles Student Care

Raffles Student Care Centre (RSCC) is guided by its vision of "Building the Next Generation". It aims to inculcate in its students the core values of Resilience, Responsibility, Respect and Compassion. Through daily activities, it hopes to instill these values so that they may develop into responsible and contributing members of society. In addition to regular student care services, Raffles Student Care seeks to be a safe haven for disadvantaged students where they can be productively engaged. For students from low-income families, RSCC provides fee waivers and subsidies wherever possible. In addition, it actively provides support to at-risk families who may need assistance.


Student Care Webpage & Contact Details

You can click on this link (https://rafflesstudentcare.com) to find out more about RSCC. 

If you are interested to register for a place, please click the following link (https://rafflesstudentcare.com/branches) and select “Yio Chu Kang branch” from the drop down menu. You will see the link to the registration form.

Contact Number: +65 6282 8520 
Email Address: YCK@rafflesstudentcare.com

Student Care Event Photos

Click this link 
here to view the photos of the events held at our student care.