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International Science Drama Competition 2018

1) Elysa Umairah Bte Muhd Hir
2) Lim Kee Boon
3) IIfan Nur Aqaiz Bin Suwandi
4) Lee Zhao Qiang
5) Ng Wei Zong
6 UprightCertificate of Participation


15th Elementz Science Project 

Competition and Exhibition

(North Zone)

3 Awards Attained:
2 Gold Award and
1 Bronze Award

 2016 Science Buskers Festival Champion

16th Elementz Science Project Competition and Exhibition 2017

Project TitleParticipantsAward
P6 Team - 
Glue Strength Comparison: Homemade Casein Glue and Commercial Glue
The students investigated the holding strength of homemade casein glue with some commercial glues.The holding strength of the homemade casein glue is the greatest compared with all other commercial glues tested.
Furthermore, casein glue is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

P5 Team - 
The Effect of Talking and Texting on a Cell Phone on a Person’s Reaction Time

This project investigates how talking and texting on the cell phone will affect reaction time. Talking on the phone slows down the reaction time of a person. Texting on the phone slows down the reaction time of a person even more. 

From the students’ observations, humans cannot multi-task; we are actually switching focus between two or more functions.

P4 Team -  
I can’t hear you!
The students investigated which material absorbs the most sound and whether the thickness of the material affects the amount of sound absorbed.
They concluded that cotton is the best material for sound proofing as it absorbs the most amount of sound. And the more layers of cotton used, the more sound is absorbed.


Science Buskers Festival 2016