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Key Programmes / Activities 


Extensive Reading Programme (ERP)

An extensive reading programme was implemented in schools as an integral part of the new ML curriculum. YCKPS started the ERP programme in 2007. The extensive reading programme or better known as ERP was started, to develop students’ skills in oracy and reading. Besides that, the programme hopes to be an impetus for students to develop a habit for lifelong reading. Through reading and post reading activities, students would be able to enrich their vocabulary and expand their thinking which will assist them in building their language competency.






Internal Oratorical Activities in Term 1 – Term 4 such as:

  • P1-P2 Reciting of Poetry or Nursery Rhymes
  • P3-P4 Role play or Skit 
  • P5-P6 Speech or Creative Reading.



Putaran & Tepuk PB

Putaran & Tepuk Pb were created to make teaching and learning of Collective Nouns fun and effective in class. It has also enabled students to get away from the usual old way of remembering Collective Nouns which is by memorizing. At the same time, the game caters to our student’s different ability needs.