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Information Communication and Technology (ICT)


Developing 21st Century competencies and building cyberwellness through appropriate use of Information Communication Technology for learning and teaching

ICT Framework

The ICT Department seeks to prepare our students to be future-ready learners and responsible digital citizens. We hope to raise the engagement level of our students in learning through self-directed learning and collaborative learning activities, supporting assessment for learning and making thinking visible. As such, our teachers use a repertoire of Web 2.0 tools to provide enriched learning opportunities for all our students. It is desired that the use of technology can provide a safe and non-threatening environment for every child to shine.


No. Name Designation
1 Mrs Rachelle Toh Head of Department, Information and Communication Technology
2 Mr Ken Chen Subject Head, Data and Information Management
3 Mr Lip Chon Wai School Cockpit Assistant Coordinator;
AV Coordinator
4 Mr Liu Huaqing School Cockpit Assistant Coordinator;
Chinese Language ICT Representative
5 Mrs Janice Low English Language and Social Studies ICT Representative
6 Mdm Norhafizah Malay Language ICT Representative
7 Mdm Mageswari Tamil Language ICT Representative
8 Mr Tan Jia Rong Mathematics ICT Representative
9 Mdm Oi Poh Ling Science ICT Representative
 10Ms Peng Xinyu Key ICT Mentor
11 Ms Kong Wing Yan Web Master;
Cyber Wellness Coordinator
12 Mr Asher Khoo ICT Trainer;
13 Mr Michael Gomez Operations

Feedback from Staff and Students

"I enjoy my lessons more when my teachers design lessons using ICT to help us learn better."
YCKPS Student <Rafiya Husna>     

"I feel happy and grateful when my teachers make the lessons fun and interesting through using technology."                                                                   
 YCKPS Student <Kim Hoang Khang>    

“The use of technology adds fun to my students’ learning, allowed for simultaneous interaction and provides efficiency in helping me assess my students formatively.”                  
 Teacher of YCKPS <Peng Xinyu>