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National Education 2017 Events

Scroll down below to see how our school commemorate Racial Harmony Day, Total Defence Day, and celebrate International Friendship Day in 2017.

Racial Harmony Day

21 July 2017, we commemorated Racial Harmony Day. 

The importance of racial harmony cannot be over-emphasized, especially in the wake of recent incidents of racism elsewhere. As Singapore marked the 20th anniversary of Racial Harmony Day  this year, we reflect with pride on the peace and harmony we have enjoyed over the years. All this did not happen by chance. We should continue to attach great significance to July 21 every year. The older generation experienced hardships and sufferings during the racial riots in the 1960s. The lesson learnt is this: Never take racial harmony for granted.

Watch the video by clicking the link below, and take a look at how our pupils commemorated Racial Harmony Day!


Total Defence Day

We commemorated Total Defence Day on the 15th of February, 2017. The theme this year, “Together We Keep Singapore Strong”, served to remind everyone that we are responsible to defend Singapore.

Various activities which aimed at developing understanding of what happened during the Japanese Occupation as well as the various aspects of Total Defence that are necessary for Singapore’s continued survival and success, were planned to commemorate this event.

Guest speaker from the National Heritage Board were invited to conduct an assembly talk. The talk shared the fall of Singapore and life during the Japanese Occupation through the lens of some of our National Monuments and historic sites (e.g. City Hall, where the Japanese surrender took place). Stories highlighted would bring out the values of resilience and courage in difficult times.

To raise pupils’ awareness to Singapore’s Public Warning System, the different types of pre-recorded sirens were sounded during pre-assembly to familiarise the pupils to the siren, prior to the actual sounding at 6.20pm on that day.

Probably the most memorable Total Defence Day school activity was the Food Ration Exercise, which was planned to replicate a food shortage scenario during wartime. Canteen vendors prepared wartime food items such as sweet potatoes, tapioca and plain porridge and these food items can only be exchange through the use of ration coupons. 

Let the pictures below tell you more!

Assembly Talk & Quiz
conducted by guest speaker from
National Heritage Board
Sharing about Military Defence
and their Army Experience by our
Principal and teachers

Total Defence Quiz Booth
during recess
Total Defence NEmation
Movie Screening Booth
during recess

Total Defence Day Food Ration Exercise 
"Eat To Live"

during recess



Total Defence Day Pupils' Reflection Displays

International Friendship Day

International Friendship Day was commemorated on 7th April 2017 in our school, to provide opportunities for students to appreciate and learn from the different backgrounds and experiences of people in our neighbouring countries. It nurtures in our students the value of friendship and importance of collaboration among different races and cultures, to bring about social cohesion and harmony. The theme for 2017 is ASEAN 50. On 3rd of April, an assembly talk was conducted and recess activities were carried out to allow our students to understand the significance of International Friendship Day and ASEAN organisation. Through the activities, students learnt about the culture and customs of ASEAN countries, in particularly Philippines and Vietnam. The planned activities also allowed students to appreciate cultural diversity and nurture a willingness to embrace others from diverse backgrounds and better understood that no one owes us a living, and we have to find our ways to survive and prosper, by forging friendship with regional countries.

At the game booths, students played some traditional games from other countries.
At the photo booth, students had opportunities to learn about the traditional costumes from our ASEAN countries and to take photos with school mates from ASEAN countries in their traditional costumes. 
At the Food display booths, students saw the different traditional food from ASEAN countries such as Philippines and Vietnam. 
At the language booth, students had opportunities to learn the common greetings from our parent volunteers from Philippines and Vietnam. Students who were able to say the greetings correctly, were given an orange ribbon which symbolise friendship as a token.