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Key Programmes / Activities


The YCKPS Character and Citizenship Education Department is committed to student excellence and believes in holistic development through the SIMPLE way for our Youths of Character.

SIMPLE takes the form of:

Social Development

Focuses on learning as a team and to apply this team’s learning to enhance individual’s knowledge and effective communication.

Intellectual Development

Focuses on expansion of student knowledge based on  educational research findings and discussions among students.

Moral Development

Focuses on the school values education and application to enhance each student’scharacter for better living and learning.

Physical Development

Focuses on the students’ physical well-being to enhance the ability to explore and interact with the world around us.

Leadership Development

Focuses on nurturing and enhancing various type of leadership in students based on individual student’s talents.

aEsthetics Development

Focuses on developing in students an appreciation of arts and cultures around the world to enhance the spirit of friendship and collaboration.

Values in Action, Environment & National Education Committee

The programmes under the "Values in Action / Environment" committee includes:

                                                 P1   Personal Space Cleaning Programme
                                                 P2   Classrooms Cleaning Programme
                                                 P3   Canteen Cleaning Programme
                                                 P4   Food Donation Drive
                                                 P5   Water Conservation Programme
                                                 P6   YCKPS Recycling Drive

The "National Education" committee plans activities for the following special days:

                                                 Total Defence Day
                                                  Racial Harmony Day
                                                  International Friendship Day

No.Values in Action / Environment
1Mdm Amanda Chow
Subject Head CCE (internal)
 2 Ms Amelia Ong
 3Mrs Geraldine Lim 
 4 Mdm Mahalakshumi d/o Govindaswami
 5 Ms Chan Shu Hui
 6 Ms Mumtaz Begum
 7Mdm Lu Yun 
 8 Mdm Nurazimah Binte Azman

No.National Education (NE)
1Mdm Amanda Chow 
Subject Head CCE (internal)
 2  Mdm Leng Sze Chah
 3  Ms Clara Chua
 4 Mdm Noor Azlin Bte Safari
 5  Mr Jaya Balan Kanagasundram
 6 Ms Sharlene Koh
 7Mrs Gopalan 
 8 Mdm Chang Sheau Hooi
 9 Mdm Liang Qi
 10 Mr Muhd Syafiq B Hashim
 11 Ms Phoebe Wong
 12 Mdm Rahidah Bte Mispan
 13 Mr Shahrin B Sahlan