Earth Hour 2017

Earth Hour @ YCKPS

On 25th April 2017, 
we took part in our very own Earth Hour for 60 minutes.

For an hour in the morning, all air-conditioning were switched off and only essential lightings and fans were switched on.  This was to pledge our commitment to change climate change. 

“It was a bit warm, but we thought it was worth the effort!” 
All lessons went on with minimal usage of electrical appliances in the classrooms.

All school staff participated in Earth Hour @YCKPS too.

Fun recess activities were conducted to allow students to learn more about our planet Earth and the significance of Earth Hour.

BIpads for students to provide feedback on what they have learnt about Earth Hour.

Students watched Earth Hour video to get to know more about it. 

Students participated in Kahoot quizzes to answer Climate change questions to win attractive prizes.